Tuesday, November 17, 2009

It Happened One Night by Lisa Dale

It Happened One Night by Lisa Dale  

Lana Biel longs to leave her family’s Vermont wildflower farm so she can travel and see the world. And her sister Karin wants nothing more than to put down roots and conceive the child she and her husband just can’t seem to have. When a lighthearted fling with a mountain biker leaves Lana expecting, she finds herself tumbling headlong into motherhood while her sister Karin can only look on. 
For help, Lana turns to Eli Ward, a professional meteorite hunter and her best friend for the last ten years. But Eli’s keeping secrets that could turn their friendship on its head. As the Vermont seasons change and the flowers in the wildflower meadows begin to fade, Lana must make some meaningful decisions about her family, her friendships, her love life, and her dreams

My Thoughts

Complicated family relationships entangled with an even more complicated love interest kept me reading to see how Lana would resolve her mostly self-imposed problems.  This book is definitely character driven, and while romance is not the focal issue, it’s an important part of the whole.

While beta males are not my favorite, Eli proves his manly worth by his unswerving devotion to Lana.  Lana, on the other hand, sometimes infuriated me with her torturous treatment of Eli. I must confess that I didn’t like Lana’s character much in the beginning, but as the author drew me through this story with skill and feeling, I began to understand the reasons for Lana’s character. In the end, I still wanted to choke her, but more out of concern than dislike.

Added to this mix is the strong supporting cast of other characters that make this a strong family drama. I wouldn’t consider this a light read. It will give you plenty of points for reflection.

Favorite Quote

He let his hand fall, the ring along with it, and he leaned forward to kiss her shoulder. “You don’t have to tell me yes or no.”

“You mean, ever?”

“For as long as you love me, the invitation stands.”

Between the Pages Review

Rating: 3.5/5

* I thank Hatchett Book Group for providing me with this review copy.

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