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Corrigans' Pool by Dot Ryan

Dot Ryan, born and raised in Bee County in South Texas, makes her home in “the sparkling city by the sea,” Corpus Christi, Texas, with husband, Sam. Corrigans’ Pool is Dot’s first novel. She is busy writing her second and third works of fiction. You can visit her website at

About Corrigans’ Pool

Bitter with thoughts of the darkly handsome stranger who promised to marry her and then left town without a word, Ella Corrigan hastily weds a neighboring planter—a man whose cold indifference is merely a disguise for cunning insanity. His cruelty to his slaves horrifies her and, even though her family has owned slaves for generations, she questions the concept of human bondage for the first time while desperately missing her cherished Greenpoole plantation and Corrigan’s Pool … a beautiful phenomenon of nature that the slaves call “Conjuring Pool” for reasons they cannot explain when asked.

The South is embroiled in a bitter Civil War by the time Ella Corrigan discovers that Corrigans’ Pool is much more than the exquisitely beautiful pond she had thought it to be all her life. But by the time she learns its dangerous secret she is deeply entangled in a secret of her own … one that has made her a virtual prisoner, hopelessly trapped in a world dreadfully different from her previous existence as mistress of her gentle father’s palatial plantation home along the Savannah River. Stunned by what she sees, she must harden herself to her new surroundings or perish … along with the cowed and scarred Negroes who toil in her husband’s rice swamps and cotton fields. Always in the back of her mind, are memories of the man who loved her and left her, the man she has long blamed for her misery.

My Thoughts:
Corrigan’s Pool was a real treat for me. I thoroughly enjoyed this story. In the style of ‘Gone With The Wind’, Corrigan’s Pool by Dot Ryan gives us a glimpse into the tempestuous Civil War years of Savannah, Georgia, and one of its wealthy families, the Corrigan’s

We experience this story through the eyes and heart of Ella Corrigan, the oldest daughter, whose devotion to family prompts her to take on the responsibilities that should have been her ailing mother’s. 

Ella is a true southern woman in breeding and heart. Her strength carries her through heartbreak and the crushing cruelty of a demented husband. She fights to protect those she cares for with the small powers afforded women of her time. 

Would there ever be a future where misery and hopelessness didn’t haunt her every waking day? Could the stranger from Texas, Gentry Garland, who years earlier had given her so much to live for, be the key to her happiness? That my friends will be the question preoccupying you mind as you read Corrigan’s Pool.

Teaser Snippets:
~   Ella gasped. She had never seen a man bite a horse before. It was all she could do to retain her composure. “For Heaven’s sake, sir! What are you doing?”

~  “I dreamed of you every night.”  
   “I know,” she replied, just before they kissed. “I was there.”

 A complimentary review copy of this book was provided by the author.

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