Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Just Breeze by Beverly Stowe McClure - Virtual Book Tour

Join Beverly Stowe McClure, author of the teen/tween contemporary novel, Just Breeze (4Rv Publishing), as she virtually tours the blogosphere in December on her second virtual book tour with Pump Up Your Book Promotion!

Beverly S. McClure started her writing career early—though she approached it kicking and screaming—when her eighth-grade teacher sent her poem “Stars” to a high school anthology and it was published in Young America Sings. She graduated from Midwestern State University and became a teacher. As soon as she discovered Dr. Seuss and other great children’s stories, she willingly put pen to paper and had stories and articles published in Ladybug, Focus on the Family Clubhouse Jr., U. S. Kids, Jack and Jill and other leading children’s magazines, including an article that was reprinted in a Scott Foresman Pre-K anthology and a breakout article that appeared in the June 2007 issue of Writer magazine.
A multi-published author, Beverly’s Listen to the Ghost, Secrets I Have Kept and Rebel in Blue Jeans are available in trade paperback. Her latest book is Just Breeze, and she has four more books under contract. A member of the National Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators and their North Texas Chapter, Beverly is the mother of three grown boys and lives in the country with her husband, Jack, where an occasional deer, skunk, or armadillo come to visit.

Eighth grade starts out the same as every other year for Breeze Brannigan. She’s still the tallest student, boy or girl, in her class, wears shoes that would fit an elephant, and her smile reveals dazzling braces that blind everyone within ten feet. She also has to deal with the dented fender on her sister’s VW that they paint to cover up and the new girl in school, Allison, who likes to steal boyfriends. Breeze isn’t concerned. She’s everybody’s bud. No boy is interested in her.
Then there’s Cam, AKA Carlomango Christiano y Moises, who Breeze thinks must be from another planet because none of the boys At Whispering Springs Middle School are that polite. He also has a secret, a secret that could mean life or death for Cam and his mother, a secret Breeze must help him keep.

My Thoughts:

Breeze is entering into the eighth grade; and while starting a new school year is not always fun for everyone Breeze holds the right to complain more than anyone else in her grade. She is still the tallest person in school, her feet are awkwardly large, and she has very red hair. If this doesn't seem bad enough, just add braces, having your mom as a teacher, and add having a strange name to the list. The school year seemed hopeless until she caught a glimpse at Cam, a cute new boy she had never met before. When they meet, she is instantly curious about who he is and where he came from, but above all, she is thrilled that he seems to like her back, red hair and all.
As you read further you will watch as Breeze deals with life situations we are all familiar with, such as annoying siblings, dealing with parents, leaning on your best friend, and of course, falling in love. You will find it easy to relate to this story. Just Breeze is a great read for young people.

My Favorite Quote:
“My Life,” I said under my breath.“That’s easy. I could sum that up in one word—the pits. Oops. That’s two words.”
Reviewed by Chantal

I thank the author for providing a complimentary copy of her book for review 


  1. Thanks for hosting Beverly during her virtual book tour. I loved this book and I'm thrilled to have a chance to help promote it during this month's 12 Days of Christmas VBT Special.

    I hope your readers will check out Just Breeze.

    Thanks for the great review.


  2. Welcome to Between the Pages, Beverly. We're happy you could schedule us into your blog tour. Best of success with 'Just Breeze.'

    On a personal note, I love the title of your book. Of course, I'm prejudice because I have a granddaughter named Breeze. Great Name!

  3. What a great sounding book! Love the cover. I am linking your review to my morning post so hopefully others will stop over and check this out.