Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Who's Who - Christy Tillery French

1.    Who I am: Christy Tillery French, internationally published author and poet.

2.    What I like: Dogs, horses, and zany people.

3.    What I don't like: Narrow-minded people.

4.    Where is home: A mini-farm in Powell, TN.

5.    What is my passion: Dogs, especially rescue or shelter dogs. I work with a volunteer rescue group and am committed to helping these dogs, all of which have been neglected and/or abandoned, find their forever homes.

6.    If I could run a charity, it would be for: To donate funds to animal shelters so there would be no charge for adopting a pet (that's actually being done here in TN), helping families that might not have the fees, which can be costly, adopt a pet.

7.    If I could change one thing about the world I live in, it would be: Stricter laws against animal abusers.

8.    One of life's most nagging questions:  Why do some authors makes it to the bestseller lists when others, obviously more talented, never get close?

9.    Tag someone who you'd like to see in the Who's Who Spot. Laurel-Rain Snow.


  1. Great mini-interview, Christy! This site is very interesting--obviously I need to spend more time on WRDF and the other Ning networks I belong to!

    I love your books and am anxiously awaiting the next in the Bodyguard series. Any news you want to share with us about that?


    This is an interesting

  2. Very nice, interview, Christy, and I know you are doing a very special thing for pets. Good luck with your projects and with you excellent writing. Your books are great fun!!
    Good wishes,
    Evelyn Horan - author

  3. Hello, Caitlyn and Evelyn. Thanks for your kind comments. Getting ready to send book #5, The Bodyguard and the Bodyguard, off to my editor. Wish me luck!


  4. Hey, Christy, I enjoyed reading this interview. As well as I know you, I still learned a bit more from these telling questions. Keep up the goor work.

    Oh, can't wait to read the BG & the BG (wonder who they could be... hehehe).

    Holiday Hugs - Betty Dravis

  5. I didn't mean "goor" work, of course... Make that "good" work... That's what I get for hurrying.



  6. I agree with stricter laws for animal abusers. Good interview. Sorry for the delay in seeing this site, ice storm took out the electricity on Christmas morning. Some parts of the NC mountains didn't get power until New Year's Eve.
    I also love zany people and would add cats to your list of loves.