Saturday, January 9, 2010

A Cutthroat Business by Bente Gallagher

A Cutthroat Business
A Savannah Martin Mystery By Bente Gallagher

Savannah Martin had heard that real estate was a cutthroat business, but who knew that was a literal definition? When she stumbles upon a murdered co-worker while showing a house to a dashingly handsome rogue her southern belle nature takes a back seat to Nancy-Drew-like detective skills, but will she solve the case or become the next victim?

Bente Gallagher also writes under the pen name Jennie Bentley for Berkley Press and currently has three books in her DIY mystery series.

My Thoughts:  WOW! This series and author were new to me, and I have to tell you that they're both great. In 'A Cutthroat Business', Bente Gallagher hooks you in the first page and doesn't let go until the last. And there is something for every reading preference in her writing. Tricky plot twists, rich description, likable characters, and some villainous characters you'll love to hate. My favorite is her humor. Not heavy, in-you-face humor, but subtle, sneak-up-on-you humor that will have you chuckling out loud. 

The hero in this story, Rafe Collier, is straight out of my little black book of most loved 'alpha' types. And the heroine, Savannah Martin, while a capable, independent business woman, is still sweet and vulnerable. It was so amusing to watch as she pussy-footed around Rafe, not sure if he was an irresistible hunk or a killer. The elements of Mystery and Suspense weave in and around these two characters linking them in ways they both distrust, yet cannot resist. 

Teaser Snippets:
"You ain't never forgotten me?" He grinned. White teeth flashed against golden skin, and a ghostly memory stirred, like an alligator in a swamp, but it subsided without breaking the surface.

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  1. Oh, wow; this totally made my weekend! Thank you SO much for reading and reviewing "A Cutthroat Business." I'm thrilled you liked it, and even more thrilled that you're willing to share that like with your followers! xoxo

  2. I was lucky enough to read this novel already, as I know the author. It was great fun to read, and made me want more. Looking forward to this series of mysteries as much as Jennie Bentley's DIY series.