Wednesday, January 27, 2010

A Highlander's Destiny
Pages 384

When the worlds of Mortal and Fae collide, the magic of true love is put to the test.

JESSE CORYELL is a man adrift in life, searching for his destiny. He doesn't trust women; too many have chased him for his money and power. He's tried to lose himself in his work, taking on the worst mankind has to offer, but as a Guardian and Fae descendent, what he really needs is to find his true love. When he sets out to help a mysterious woman find her sister, what he gets is
much more than he bargained for, battling an undeniable attraction to his sexy new client while fighting to save her life and rescue her sister.

DESTINY NOBLE is desperately searching for her missing kid sister. Not even her own attempted abduction will stop her in her quest. Abandoned by everyone she's ever loved, losing Leah is the last straw. Authorities have declared the girl a runaway, but Destiny knows better. Her dreams have shown her the truth. They've also shown her Jesse.

Jesse and Destiny race against time to save an innocent girl from a powerful ancient evil. Will true love be their only weapon or will they each sacrifice their own destiny in the process? 
My Thoughts:  With the disappearance of her beloved sister, Leah, Destiny Noble's life narrows down to one thing, finding Leah. In Highlander's Destiny, another story in the Daughters of Glen series, author Melissa Mayhue flings us into the world of the Fae along with Destiny. Of course, like all good romances, we have a gorgeous hero in the person of Jesse Coryell. A man with a mission, Jesse doesn't always trust what Destiny reveals about her visions.  Which for a lot of this story, forces them to work separately, together. The plot moves with good pacing, the descriptions are really, really good, and the conflict resolves itself in a believable manner. If you're a fan of the Daughters of Glen series, I don't think you'll be disappointed with author Mellissa Mayhue's new book, A Highlander's Destiny.

Teaser Snippet: 
     "Destiny's mind crowded with questions, the shock of what she'd just seen blocking them all. It couldn't be. None of it was possible.
     And yet...she'd seen the proof with her own eyes."

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