Saturday, January 2, 2010

One Picture = 1000 Words - # 1

You've heard the saying that "a single picture is worth a thousand words", and we all know that to be true. As a writer, I have used this exercise many times to jump start that part of my brain that daydreams, imagines, wonders, and creates. Variations of light and shadow combined with soft slivers of sensuous color do magical things when we least expect it. They inspire and awe us. They demand that we interpret their beauty with whatever medium is at hand, for a writer, poet, or reader, that would be words. Play along with me as I start a new segment on Between The Pages. Periodically I'll post a photo along with my interpretation. Please add yours in the comment area, as well. It can be a paragraph, or just a single word. The important thing is, to let your imagination free to go wherever it will and to bring back what only you can find.
     For me, this photo brings to mind such words as: Peace, Forgiveness, Reflection, Inevitability, and Acceptance. Following up on that train of thought, I now try to write something that uses both the feeling the photo conjures and the actual description of the photo. It's great fun and helps me keep my thought processes fluid and unrestrained.

Narrative Exercise: Shelly touched the dewy petals of the early spring flowers that carpeted the valley with shades of sapphire. Even the morning fog bowed to the valley's preference for blue as it hung in a heavy azure curtain that wove in and around the sappling grove. She lifted a plucked petal to her nose and breathed in its nautral, untainted fragrance. This place personified peace. If only it could fill her guilt-ridden heart with the same.
~Lynda Coker~

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  1. Japhia walked alone this morning. Not even bothering to look over her shoulder to see if she was being followed. It didn't matter, she and Paul would only continue the arguement that had started 3 days ago. "Oh I don't want to think of that now", Japhia thought to herself. "I just want to stand here in the quiet shadows of this wood and feel the calm seep into my soul and calm me with the same cool calmness of the trees that stand to greet the day, and the flowers that echo the blue of Paul's eyes." With a frustrated pull on her skirts Japhia stepped even further into the woods. The dew lay heavily upon the hem of her dress, but Japhia paid it no attention. How could she when these damned flowers kept making her think of Paul and his cold beautiful eyes. No, not cold...Japhia admitted to herself. They were entrancing, they pulled you in and kept you there forever. "Oh why must we argue?" Japhia questioned aloud; not even realizing she did so.