Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Beauvallet by Georgette Heyer

By Georgette Heyer

About The Book:
A swashbuckling tale set in the second half of the 16th century, when Elizabeth was on the throne and the Spanish Armada ruled the waves. Sir Nicholas Beauvallet, pirate and nobleman, captures a Spanish galleon and discovers a lovely lady on board. Chivalrous to the core, he woos and wins her heart, then returns her and her father to their homeland, vowing to come after her—even though there's a price on his head and discovery of his identity will mean certain death. In the midst of much adventure, Beauvallet masquerades as a Frenchman, is betrayed, and must fight his way to freedom while stealing the lady willingly away…

About The Author:
The late Georgette Heyer was a very private woman. Her historical novels have charmed and delighted millions of readers for decades, though she rarely reached out to the public to discuss her works or personal life. She was born in Wimbledon in August 1902, and her first novel, The Black Moth, published when she was 19, was an instant success.

Heyer published 56 books over the next 53 years, until her death from lung cancer in 1974. Her work included Regency novels, mysteries and historical fiction. Known also as the Queen of Regency romance, Heyer was legendary for her research, historical accuracy and her extraordinary plots and characterizations. Her last book, My Lord John, was published posthumously in 1975. She was married to George Ronald Rougier, a barrister, and they had one son, Richard.

My Thoughts: Like thousands of other women, I'm one of Georgette Heyer's devoted fans. I've read almost all of her 56 books, Beauvallet being the latest. Her book, Corinthian,  has long been my favorite, but Beauvallet has just overtaken that position. Romance! Romance! Romance! The kind that puts roses in your cheeks, butterflies in your stomach, and a yearning in your heart. What's not to love in a Swashbuckling Pirate who has more charm than any man has a right too. One who makes a woman both fear and crave his touch. Dominica is a heroine equal to this hero in daredevil courage, love of adventure, and heart-melting passion. If you don't read this book for yourself, well...why deny yourself the pleasure?

~ 'Senor, a word I do not know. I have warned you. Take what precaution you will, but whether you are quick or dead, I shall have your daughter, in spite of anything you may do.'
   'Sir Nicholas, you have a brave spirit, and that I like in you. I have no need to take precautions, for you could never penetrate into Spain.'
   'God be my witness, senor, I shall penetrate.'

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