Sunday, February 7, 2010

ICONS & IDOLS Pop Goes the Culture

ICONS and IDOLS Pop Goes the Culture
The Art of Victor Pross

Paperback: 168 pages
Publisher: AuthorHouse
ISBN-10: 1438934483
ISBN-13: 978-1438934488 

About the Book:
ICONS & IDOLS Pop Goes the Culture is an eye-popping visual homage and satire of pop culture that is sure to tickle a funny bone. ICONS & IDOLS is comprised of Victor Pross’ “extreme caricatures” of the famous—such as Elvis Presley, Sylvester Stallone, Marilyn Monroe, George Bush, Albert Einstein—and others icons from the world of film, music and literature. Victor Pross’ most important works –over 70 paintings and drawings–is assembled under one volume to entertain and astound.

About the Author:
Victor Pross is a professional artist born and raised in Toronto now residing in British Columbia. He is known for his “extreme caricaturing.”

He has many high profile commissions to his credit including painting Ron Howard’s caricature portrait as a gift for the famous director as well as painting various agents of the William Morris Agency. He has rendered numerous International celebrities and Canadian media personalities for commercial and private purposes. Victor Pross has been interviewed on television shows such as: Canada AM, Breakfast Television, News at Noon and has been pegged by Canadian Media as “Canada’s foremost caricature artist.”

He has worked on various posters, comic books and CD covers bringing to each work his own unique style. He is currently instructing an art class as well as offering his services as an editorial caricaturist. Victor’s first book, Icons & Idols, will feature a collection of the artist’s paintings and drawings and is now available.  You can visit his website at

My Thoughts:  Take a good look at this book cover. I'm a reader who is very susceptible to book covers. Some make me look twice, some excite my imagination, some grab me by the throat and won't let go until I pick it up and look between the pages. Icons and Idols Pop Goes the Culture is of the last variety.

Not being an art critic or collector, in fact, not having any art credentials beyond knowing very emphatically what I like and don't like, I wondered how I would do justice in reviewing such a book. Duh! Then I remembered, I'm a book lover, book author, and avid reader. Who better to discuss the merits of a book, of any kind,  than the very ordinary kind of reader who enters a bookstore and browses the tables looking for something different, unique, and worthy of inspection.

Let me quote from the book. "Our mythology of film stars and politicians and musical celebrities is much less about reverence than it is about interpretation." ~ Foreword by Edward Keenan

It's the interpretations, the caricatures by Artist Victor Pross that give us an insight into this mythology in the pages of Icons and Idols pop goes the Culture. Whether these caricatures singe your sensitivity, give you pause to think, or draw you into their allure and mystic, they are above all, compelling. 

It is absolutely essential that as you study the caricatures with their background stories, that you let the words of the artist lead you. And I quote. "The playful and mischievous child in me has never died, but he does battle with the angry and frustrated idealist that also resides within me. If you ever feel demoralized, beleaguered, appalled or befuddled by the times we all inhabit, I'm simply trying to give a visual voice to those feelings." ~ Victor Pross

With that said, I hope you will venture into the world of Artist Victor Pross. I found it to be a world of fantasy verses reality, make believe verses truism, and confusion verses understanding. You'll shake your head, hold your breath, and giggle. And then you'll go back for more.

A complimentary review copy of this book was provided by the author.

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  1. Hi Lynda!

    Excellent review. The cover is very interesting. I probably would have picked it up and looked through it in a store based on the graphics.

    I'm a closet star follower and I agree with one of the quotes you posted. It is our interpretation of public figures aids in their appeal. Fun post! :)