Thursday, February 25, 2010

One Picture = 1000 Words - # 4

One Picture Can = 
A 100 Words
You've heard the saying that "a single picture is worth a thousand words" and we all know that to be true. As a writer, I have used this exercise many times to jump start that part of my brain that daydreams, imagines, wonders, and creates.

Variations of light and shadow combined with soft slivers of sensuous color do magical things when we least expect it. They inspire and awe us. They demand that we interpret their beauty with whatever medium is at hand. For a writer, poet, or reader, that would be words.  

Play along with me as I periodically post a photo along with my interpretation. Please add yours in the comment area, as well. It can be a paragraph, or just a single word. The important thing is to free your imagination. Allow it to go wherever it will and to bring back what only you can find.

For me, this photo brings to mind such words as: Conquest, Invasion, Isolation, Enduring Love, and Hope. Following up on that train of thought, I now try to write something that uses both the feeling the photo conjures and the actual description of the photo. It's great fun and helps me keep my thought processes fluid and unrestrained.

Elinore gasped and clutched the protruding rock just in time to prevent a downhill slide, one that would end with her body smashed against the boulders below.  She was a fool to walk this close to the edge. But then, being a fool was the very least of her faults, if Sir Gaius Thornehill were to be believed. The hateful knight had hardly cleared the castle gates before stripping her of her home, her dignity, and her freedom.

~Lynda Coker~ 

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  1. Freeing herself from the crowds at the hotel, as well as her irritable husband, she drove for hours on the single lane road. She had no destination in mind; rather, she only wanted to depart. As she drove, her mind rewound the arguments of the last few days and she kept analyzing what she might have said to smooth things over.
    Soon she was in view of the sea, and felt her edginess start to wane. She pulled into a wide spot in the road near an old fence, and with no idea where she was or what she was doing, she climbed it and began wandering the cliff path.
    Nearly an hour passed as she scrambled over the unused path, picking up speed as she sensed an escape. Was it herself or her troubled life she was leaving behind?
    After walking through a darkened stretch of trees, she came upon the ruins of an old castle or fort wall. She was dumbfounded at the site. She walked slower to it, avoiding slipping rocks and at the same time completely focused on reaching its walls. Soon she was close enough to touch it. She ran her hands over the aged rock slowly. Looked in the openings as if she was looking into a time machine. She sat on one opening and stared into the sea, imagining another life, and realizing that once this castle was a vibrant center of activity. Is this what she was destined to become? A breathing set of ruins?

    (You said a paragraph, but I'm way too wordy!!!)
    Fun game!

  2. WONDERFUL! I wish I cold read the story that could follow this passage.

    Thank you so much for sharing with us. I loved your work.