Thursday, March 4, 2010

GONEAWAY Into The Land by Jeffrey B. Allen

GONEAWAY Into The Land
By Jeffrey B. Allen

About The Book:
Shifting in and out of reality, this inspirational story follows 12-year old John Greber, who with his mother, Ellie, suffers abuse at the hands of John’s father, whom he calls “The Beast.” The Beast abandons his family and kidnaps John’s six-year old sister, Marny. John vows revenge as he seeks to confront his father and rescue his sister.

About The Author:
Born: New Bedford, Massachusetts, 1953.
Jeffrey B. Allen graduated High School from Central Bucks East in Doylestown, Pennsylvania. It was 1972.

He studied art at Bloomsburg University for two years before attending Boston University where he majored in European history and minored in set-design and fine-art. A one year hiatus in the form of a hitchhiking trip helped to temporarily satisfy his restless and inquisitive nature. Allen attributes that early journey to laying the foundations for his strong views on politics and religion. Later, he traveled through Europe and Mexico forming some strong opinions concerning the relationship between history, politics and religion. “Those years of learning, searching, and questioning have contributed greatly to the philosophical depth of my writing.”

Allen graduated from Millersville State University in architectural design and taught for two years while also working toward his Masters Degree at Temple University in Philadelphia. After a brief teaching career, he created his own architectural woodworking firm in 1981.

By 1982, Allen was owner and president of Artistic Furnishings Incorporated, a design house and a manufacturer of custom architectural millwork. The company employed designers, artisans and support staff. His work can be seen throughout eastern Pennsylvania, New York, and New Jersey in private residences and businesses. During those years he traveled at home and abroad and studied the architectural works, both classical and modern, within every city he visited. “The inventiveness of the architect and the genius of the structural engineer always amazes me; so many of the nuances of history can be discovered within the architecture of civilized man.”

In 1996 Allen received his fifty-ton US Coastguard captain’s license and followed that with extensive sailing adventures and chartered voyages. In 2006 Allen received the Colonel Holt Business Achievement Award. In 2007 Allen sold his architectural woodworking business and soon after published his first Novel, GoneAway Into the Land. He writes as the Interior Design Specialist for the Lehigh Valley Examiner and contributes articles as an expert author for publication through Ezine Articles,, and other internet sites. Allen is currently working with a new publisher and expects his second novel, Beneath the Quarry Waters, to be published in early 2010.
Today, Jeffrey Allen lives in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania where he consults in the field of interior space planning, although most of his time is devoted to writing.

My Thoughts:   
   Those are just a few of the adjectives I'd begin to use to describe Jeffrey B. Allen's mind-bending journey into the fantasy world of John Greber. But wait a minute. Is it really a fantasy? Parts of this story most definitely are. However, the reality and fantasy are so expertly entwined by the Author that life takes on a whole new realm of realism.
   I'm a very fast reader but, in reading GONEAWAY INTO THE LAND, I found that I needed to slow down, let the authors words have time to sink down and make a foundation for things to come. It took me three days to complete the story which flows effortlessly through the almost 500 pages. I experienced a boatload of emotions as I followed John on his quest. Some were uncomfortable, some scary, some were so sweet. I must say that I've not read anything quite like Goneaway Into The Land before. Because of that, I'm looking forward to Jeffrey B. Allen's next book. GOOD BOOK, JEFFREY!

 A complimentary review copy of this boot was provided by the author

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