Thursday, March 25, 2010

Life Choices - Navigating Difficult Paths

Life Choices - Navigating Difficult Paths
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About The Book:
Messages of Hope from 26 Inspirational Authors
We all have challenges in our lives. Sometimes we don’t see them coming. Sometimes we invite them in. Some are bigger than others. Sometimes they come one right behind the other. Sometimes they show up all at once. Sometimes we have to make a choice in how we deal with these challenges.

This empowering collection of stories reminds us that we all have choices, and the choices we make are what determine the course of our lives. The authors of these stories are real people who have reached into the depths of their souls to share their inspiring journeys when navigating the difficult paths of their lives. These extraordinary people have persevered against the odds and made choices that enabled them to achieve successful lives. Through their experiences, we can find many important lessons to help us avoid wrong turns and blind alleys. Their stories show us that we can overcome our challenges and live more satisfying, passion filled lives.

My Review:
You'll read about eleven different areas in our lives where we all have to make choices, such as, Family, Independence, Love, Empowerment, and Challenges. A smart person always learns from those who have gone before. They pay close attention and evaluate how the choices of others turn out. Then they carefully shape their own choices to avoid the tragedy and failures of others.

That, in a nut shell, is what I found to be the message in LIFE CHOICES. And who wouldn't want to avoid a few obstacles along life's path.  The authors who share their stories are people just like you and I. Some are educators, artists, performers, speakers, athletes, and political consultants. A disparate group whose combined experiences show the power of not giving up, and the rewards of persistence and dedication to a goal or choice.

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  1. Thanks for the review. Everyone can find at least one story that touches them. Most people find several. It was a great experience working with Judi Moreo. contributing my romantic tale was one of the best "Life Choices" I've ever made.
    Sandra Gore Nielsen author "A True Love Story."