Tuesday, March 9, 2010


By Lynda Coker
Contemporary Romance/Multi-cultural/Sensual

The Wild Rose Press
Barnes and Nobles


VICTORIA BALLARD is a New York financial executive who considers men to be an unnecessary annoyance. With her career on track, she focuses on the adoption of four beautiful orphans, a crowning completion to her well-designed life-plan. However, life is a nasty trickster who is about to spring one on her.

PRINCE RASHID DAVAR has decided to make Victoria his wife. He soon learns that a man of the Middle East mates with a woman of the West at his own peril. And when he does…the pairing nearly destroys them both.
Is love strong enough to bridge an ocean, or forgiving enough to blend two conflicting lives into one yielding heart?

...Rashid took the stairs two at a time. Identifying
The source of the problem did not take long...the
verbal tirade echoing through the lounge came from
his private compartment at the rear of the plane.

“Let me out of here! I’m an American citizen and
this is kidnapping. I’ll have you all arrested and
executed for this! I’m warning you, Califar. You tell
that unscrupulous, deceitful, desert creep to get back
here and let me go!”

Rashid took a step forward and then paused.
The sudden cessation of verbal ranting was more
unnerving than the previous clamor. The pregnant
silence made the hairs on his arms stand erect. With
this woman, he was certain the calm was a precursor
to worse atrocities. He hoped he was wrong and she
had exhausted her vile temper instead. The thud of a
solid object slamming against the other side of the
door ridiculed his supposed control.

He yanked off his robe and headdress. Slinging
them toward the back of a chair, he barked a
command to his two bodyguards.

“Give the pilot orders to depart...NOW!”

Both went forward to deliver the message,
almost jamming the small doorway in their attempt
to pass through at the same time. Consumed with
his own anger, he could not find any humor in the
speed with which they fled one loud, but small
woman. He wondered about the quality of his
personal security.

Spearing Califar with a glacial look, he
motioned him forward. “You will ignore any sound
you hear from the other side of that door.

“May I speak frankly?”

Rashid stiffened. “If you must.”

“This woman you’ve made your wife is a
stranger to you and to our customs. These are
extreme circumstances for her. Despite her less than
respectful manner, she is still deserving of the gentle
persuasion you always accord the women in your

“Are you telling me how to treat my wife?”
Rashid lashed in reply.

“As your servant...never,” replied Califar. “As
your friend...I offer a reminder. Guard well your
actions this night and remember with what care you
have always protected what is yours.”

“I will deal with the princess in whatever
manner suits me,” growled Rashid.

~ Author Lynda Coker ~
I hope you'll pick up a copy of THE OCEAN BETWEEN and take love's journey with Rashid and Victoria. You won't be disappointed.

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  1. Lynda I am just starting to read this book(chapter 2). I am telling you I cannot put it down. It's that kind of book! It got me right from the first page & I cannot wait for the ending although I think I will not want it to end either. I do not say that about too many books that I have read. I have read a lot of good books but; a lot do not grab me right away.

  2. You are so sweet. It thrills an author to know that others love reading their story as much as they loved writing it. Hope you love it to the end.

  3. I finished your book in like 3 days. I could not put it down. Good from the first page till the last except I didn't want it to end. LOL. I loved all the characters and I felt like I was there. Everyone who likes romance should read this book. It was awesome. And it is a book I would read again and again. Thanks for writing it. just wanted you to know I finished it.
    Sue B

  4. Thank you so much Katsrus for taking the time to post your comments. I'm so happy that you enjoyed Victoria and Rashid's story.