Monday, March 22, 2010

One Picture = 1000 Words - # 4

One Picture = 1000 Words - # 4
You've heard the saying that a single picture is worth a thousand words, we all know that to be true. As a writer, I have used this exercise many times to jump start that part of my brain that daydreams, imagines, wonders, and creates. Variations of light and shadow combined with soft slivers of sensuous color do magical things when we least expect it. They inspire and awe us. They demand that we interpret their beauty with whatever medium is at hand. For a writer, poet, or reader, that would be words. Play along with me as I periodically post a photo along with my interpretation. Please add yours in the comment area, as well. It can be a paragraph, or just a single word. The important thing is to free your imagination. Allow it to go wherever it will and to bring back what only you can find.

For me, this photo brings to mind such words as: Solitude, Luxury, Private, and Portal. Now, I try to write something that uses both the feeling the photo conjures and the actual description of the photo. It's great fun and helps me keep my thought processes fluid and unrestrained.

MY EXERCISE:The warm coastal breeze played with the hem of Ellen Pringle's gown. So then, why did she shiver as though an arctic wind threatened to sweep her away? Could it be that she believed his words?

"If you descend this ancient stairway and dare to stand on the Merilot Portal, I will claim you, body and soul. I am a warrior, neither patient or kind. I claim a bride but for one purpose, to insure the Merilot line of rulers. I will never trust, nor grant any woman my heart. I do not yield, nor do I forgive those who try to thwart my purposes. Do not deceive yourself. As my wife, you will submit to my every wish, and you will never cross the boundaries I set for you."

Prince Draycan had uttered those words to her with cold precision just hours ago. Why had he given her a choice? Legend said the brides of Merilot were taken without warning, stolen from their homes never to return. Dare she willingly descend these steps? Dare she believe that his heart was not carved in stone? The portal that sat so harmlessly below her would shut at sunset, never to reopen in her lifetime. The sun was even now reaching for the horizon's edge. Ellen trembled from head to foot as she lifted the long skirt of her gown and took the first step toward an enigmatic warrior and an unknown future.
~By Lynda Coker~


  1. Love, love, love, that picture!! Is it bad that it makes me think of something fruity with a kick that sports an umbrella?? lol Or maybe it's just my desperate need of a vacation! :)

    I really enjoyed your excerpt! You have a lovely voice and your Prince Draycan sounds like a man a woman would love to tame!

  2. Hi Sarah,
    I could get into your vision very easily. Poor Ellen Pringle probably had one too many of those to embolden her to take that first step down that stairway. So be very careful. :)