Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Recollections of Rosings by Rebecca Ann Collins

Recollections of Rosings 
by Rebecca Ann Collins
About The Book:
A disaster at Rosings unearths long-hidden secrets
"Many surprises and turns in the lives of our favorite characters leave you riveted to each page."
-Beverly Wong, author of Pride & Prejudice Prudence O
Sisters Catherine Harrison and Becky Tate, daughters of Charlotte Lucas and Mr. Collins, have very different personalities and temperaments. Both grew up in the shadow of Rosings Park, domain of the formidable Lady Catherine de Bourgh, but as adults their paths diverged dramatically.
When a catastrophe at Rosings Park brings Becky back to visit her sister, the two clash about their aspirations for the marriage of Catherine's young daughter, and both women are forced to confront the ghosts of the past-in particular, Lady Catherine's cruelty and deception.
As the shocking truth emerges, the Darcy and Bingley families rally. But it may be too late for the sisters to find the love and happiness they were denied so long ago. O
"A lovely novel, written from the heart."

About The Author:
Rebecca Ann Collins is the pen name of a lady in Australia who loves Jane Austen's work so much that she has written a series of 10 sequels to Pride and Prejudice, following Austen's beloved characters, introducing new ones and bringing the characters into a new historical era. Thoroughly researched and beautifully written, this series has been extremely successful in Australia with over 80,000 books sold.

My Thoughts:
My love for this story started before I even opened the book because I enjoyed Pride and Prejudice so much. Thankfully for people like me, the story has continued and it is certainly worth the time to read and enjoy. I appreciated how real the story stayed to the events of that time period, you feel submersed into that era. Although the time period is much different than today, the problems are not any less significant and it's not long before you realize that as you turn through the pages. I found the characters to be well written. Although you might not see yourself in each character, you can certainly find personalities traits that match some of your very own family members, and the same problems that perhaps you have encountered. You will be eager and curious to follow the story through to see how things end for Catherine and Lilian, two ladies you wouldn't want to miss reading about. If you were not ready to say good-bye to Pride and Prejudice then you should certainly follow this series.
"It is too easy, when considering such matters, to get trammeled up in questions of prospects and income and forget that we are talking of two young people who love each other."

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  1. Lynda, thanks for your comments, which convey clearly your apprreciation of aspects of this novel. I have read some volumes of this series and have enjoyed them very much.
    Ms Collins certainly has an excellent understanding of the period in which the stories are set and the manners and lifestyles of people of that era. It adds greatly to ones enjoyment of the characters and stories she creates.