Monday, March 29, 2010

South African Gourmet Food and Wine by Myrna Rosen and Lesley Loon's

South African Gourmet Food and Wine
By Myrna Rosen and Lesley Loon's
Dorrance Publishing

About The Book:
"South African Gourmet Food and Wine: Traditional South African Food and More... is a superb collection of genuine South African cuisine, including local favorite dishes from a variety of contributors.... [It] offers the cooking enthusiast...a wonderful array of mouth-watering creations as much fun to prepare as they are delicious to eat." - Bookwatch

South African Gourmet Food and Wine: Traditional South African Food and More... is an excellent, well-rounded source of South African cuisine, including local-favorite dishes from a variety of contributors. No dish is too complex to be fixed in any kitchen, and many delectables can be made quickly and easily.

From crayfish to sosaties, bobotie to chicken periperi, and from torte to truffles to South African wedding cake - these are a sample of the dishes ready to be prepared from this fun cookbook.

There is an historical section on the KWV wines of South Africa, with wine service suggestions throughout the book as well as many dishes featuring unique wines and liqueurs as ingredients.

Myrna Rosen and Lesley Loon overwhelm the cooking enthusiast with a great array of mouth-watering culinary creations. This book is a must for everyone who loves to cook...and eat!

My Review:
First off, don't you just love this cover? It makes me want to visit this country, and the recipes inside make me want to restaurant hop for several weeks in its borders. This is 330 pages stuffed with fun and exotic foods. Let me say that there was very little that was familiar to this cook from Texas, USA, but that didn't lessen my enjoyment of reading and experimenting with these recipes. Some of the ingredients I wanted to play with are not available locally, so I surfed the web, and sure enough, you can easily order them online. On page 14 there is a list of suppliers for the US and Canada.

So don't be timid, jump in and experience some of the most unusual dishes. On page 246 you'll find the yummiest ever recipe for Tiramisu, one of my favorites. It takes quite a bit of prep time - but it's worth every minute. If you love the taste of Balsamic vinegars as much as I do, then try the Chicken in Balsamic Barbecue Sauce on page 163. Totally zingy! And don't let the name 'Stuffed Monkeys' make you shudder. These fruity biscuits are as good as anything my Granny made.

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