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Between The Pages Hosts Novelist Annette Snyder

Meet Author Annette Snyder

Since I grew up far from anywhere, I read romance novels I bought with my babysitting money at the local grocery store.  Most of the time, I enjoyed them yet sometimes the endings annoyed me and I’d think, “I would end that better.” 

I never considered writing as more than a hobby until I finished my first novel, and third release, Travis Pass.  Once Travis Pass was complete, new ideas kept coming and now I find myself looking at life as if there are millions of stories to be written. 

Whether writing historically, contemporarily, or humorously, my work centers on life in small, Midwestern towns and the amazing bonds people form with their neighbors. 

Annette's advice for aspiring writers - Just do it!

I knew I was a writer the day I woke up with a story idea in my head, wrote it down and it worked.  I was surprised that I actually wrote an entire book.  The fact that I’ve now written so many different stories, and the ideas keep coming, still is a shocker.

I want to tell anyone who ever thought of writing a book or memoir to just do it.  The magic formula is that there is no magic formula.   Write because it comes to you and if it amounts to more, great!  My advice to aspiring writers is to do it if you want and see how far it carries you.  You’ll develop your skills as you go along because there’s always something new to learn.

The hardest thing for me to learn was curbing my point of view switches.  I’m always trying to control which character is doing what and when.  I had a great editor who showed me how to fix my head hopping and now I can control it at least a little.  A lot of my problem is that my brain works faster than my fingers.    

Because I’m a writer, I do all that writing stuff plus promo and keeping up with the writing world plus I work a real job.  I don’t have as much time to read as I’d like.  I save my reading days for my vacations.  I pick books I’d like to read and save them for those special occasions when I have free time.  If I wasn’t an author, I’d be doing laundry and dishes—maybe dusting—scratch that, never dusting. Here’s a hint, if you don’t move anything on top of the television, you never have to dust because you can’t tell it’s dusty!   

If you’re a contemporary reader, I’ve got a release out.  Intimate Flames, a story about a single mom and a fireman.  The second book in that series comes out June 2010.  It’s titled, Drive-Thru and it’s about choices a single mom has to make to provide a good home for her daughter.  Who knew she’d have to choose between love and money? 

If you’re into Historicals, you might want to pick up something from my Travis Pass line.  Sally Murphy, my first published novel, starts off the string of seven novels. You’ll enjoy them separately or as a series.   

Perhaps you like the WWII era?  Then Viveka’s War or Eureka Springs will tempt you. This line starts with two friends during the Depression years and follows the decisions they make while growing to adulthood.  I’m working on another book in that series and hope to have the final draft ready for submission by July. 

You can find information on me and my work on my website, or   My work is also available through Fictionwise and its affiliates, Amazon and in several local and regional stores throughout Nebraska. 

Here’s a blurb from Annette's upcoming release, Drive-Thru

Love isn’t one of Marie Packard’s priorities.  Single parenthood and a hectic work schedule occupy her unruffled life.  Necessities represent security.  Life is slow and easy and that works for her.

Ellis Donifan loves the draw of attention from paparazzi and fans.  Each film, coupled with shouting fans and action of the set, is another star on his walk of fame.  Life is a whirlwind of hectic activity and he likes it that way.

The frenzied, movie star schedule isn’t the choice for Ben Sutter but having a celebrity as a client has its perks.  Posh hotels, world travel and a substantial salary are the norm and fame seeking starlets are part of limousine driver territory.  It isn’t perfect but that’s Hollywood. 

What happens on a stormy winter night when three people find their lives entwined purely by accident?  Can Ellis curb his desire for publicity?  Can Ben put aside uncertainties about overzealous fans? Will Marie choose financial security with the debonair, action film star or emotional happiness with a charming limousine driver? 

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