Monday, April 12, 2010

Just Let Me Lie Down By Kristin van Ogtrop

Just Let Me Lie Down
By Kristin van Ogtrop

About The Book:
Kristin van Ogtrop knows she's lucky--fulfilling career, great husband, three healthy kids, and, depending on the hamster count, an impressive roster of pets. She also knows she is tired. Always. Using stories and insights from her own life, she provides a lexicon for the half-insane working mom. Anyone who has left a meeting to race to the Halloween parade immediately understands van Ogtrop's definition of "Kill the messenger" as "The action you must take in order to forget about the office for a time--that is, to remove your Blackberry/Treo/iPhone/whatever from your person and store it as far away as your neurotic self will allow.

About The Author:
Kristin van Ogtrop is the editor of Real Simple magazine and has held positions at Glamour, Vogue, Travel & Leisure, and Premiere. She lives outside New York City with her family.

My Review:
Kristin van Ogtrop is a writer and mother after my own heart. It's been a long time since I had children at home, since I was expected to be three places at once, or scrambling to help one of my children finish a science project at the same time I was sprinting for a deadline at work. But I remember those days. They're etched on my memory as deeply as any words chiseled on a tombstone. :) While reading Just Let Me Lie Down, those memories came back in a flood of bemusement, belly-laughs, and ironic appreciation. Kristin van Ogtrop is a woman who isn't afraid to say she wasn't a perfect mother, or that she didn't always find exquisite joy in the raising of her children. Now, that made me feel a whole lot better about ME. Because like Kristin, I loved my children to distraction, struggled to fill their every need, and always ended up feeling tired beyond belief. But hey, isn't that what mothers do, drain themselves of every last breath for those babies they love so much? Through Kristin van Ogtrop's humorous explanations, definitions, and experiences, you'll learn that perfection isn't required. And that Love is the equalizing factor. If you're a mother, this is a 'feel good' read for you.

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  1. I have learned that being a mother is a the greatest gift. There is a lot of work envolved but it is worth every second.

  2. Something I've learned a lot of is patience. :) I follow your blog.

  3. I learned how to love unconditionally. And lots of I follow your blog also.
    Sue B

  4. I learned there IS such thing as having a favorite child - it's just that my favorite varies daily , sometimes by the minute, lol. ;)

    I've been wanting to read this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    i follow on GFC - crush.

    pick me! pick me! pick me! :)

  5. I couldn't have children but I use to Mother my twin Nieces. I use to watch them from 6am to 6pm, then keep them over night for fun. I always wished they were my girls. I would have spoiled them a lot more than what they got. But I did spoil them when had them which was a lot. I took care of other kids as well, 2 babies Donavon and Kaleb, both made me long for one of my own. But it felt like I had kids all them years I stayed at home and watched them. I taught them everything very young. That's as close as I've gotten to being a mom. Most days it seemed so easy. I just have always loved kids and have incredible patience.
    Plus I have a MOM and she's terrific! My best friend just became a Mom for the first time too.

  6. I have learned that no matter the mistakes I made as a Mom, they grew up anyway. Thank goodness I kept them alive through the process.

    I follow.

  7. There is no harder job that is the most rewarding, like being a mother.

  8. I'd love to read this book! I'm a follower.

    aikychien at yahoo dot com

  9. I'd like 2 read tis book n try 2 understand the feeling of being a mother.

  10. A book I wouls like to read.

  11. I have learned to appreciate the simple things, like a worm. LOL!

    dcf_beth at verizon dot net

  12. I have learned that you have to have a lot of patience to be a mother.

  13. I have learned that having four children makes your heart a little larger and fills it will smiles!