Friday, June 25, 2010

The Wild Irish Sea by Loucinda McGary

The Wild Irish Sea
By Loucinda McGary

About the Book:
Drawn together by a force they can't resist...

The telepathic image of her twin brother fighting for his life sends Amber O'Neill rushing to the rocky shores of Ireland. Desperate to find him, she turns to reclusive local inspector Kevin Hennessey.

Bound together with a passion as relentless as the tide...

His past full of pain, Kevin has withdrawn from the world. But when the rain-drenched American appears on his doorstep with her wild tales of danger, something more than her sensuous beauty makes it impossible for him to turn her away.

The wildness of the sea, the mystery of a selkie prince, and a dangerous band of ruthless smugglers bring two lost souls together in a connection of mind, body, and spirit that can't be denied.

About the Author:
Blessed with the gift of "Irish Blarney" Loucinda McGary (everyone calls her Cindy) became a storyteller shortly after she learned to read. If she didn't like the way a story ended, she made up her own ending. In high school, between history and algebra homework, Cindy wrote stories featuring herself, her friends, and their favorite movie and rock stars. After college, she published a couple dozen poems in "little magazines" (the equivalent of e-zines in those pre-internet days) and even wrote a couple of novels. Then life intervened. Family and career became her top priorities, though she could never quite stop dabbling in writing. Also along about this time, vacations became a must and she developed an almost legendary love of travel that took her all over the United States and abroad in one and two week stints.

A long-time reader of romances, Cindy discovered and joined Romance Writers of America in 2001. But her stressful career as the manager of a multi-million dollar State and Federally funded program prevented her from doing much writing or traveling. She still managed to squeeze in a little of both, but not enough of either to be truly satisfying. Finally, at the end of 2003 she decided to take an early retirement from her career to fully pursue her twin passions of travel and writing. Cindy likes to set her novels of romance and suspense in some of the fascinating places she has visited.

My Review:
If it says Irish, Ireland, or Blarney on the cover, I'm hooked. And if that weren't enough, this beautiful cover would have finished me off. Loucinda McGary has a wonderful feel for her exotic setting and the talent to put you on its windswept shores. When she mixes together a legend of a selkie prince and the special connection of a twin brother and sister with the possibility of murder, she takes the reader on a journey of extraordinary happenings and newly discovered love.

Local inspector, Kevin Hennessy, isn't looking for love, personal connections, or companionship on the rainy night Amber O'Neil comes pounding on his door. But this American beauty, with her outlandish story and queer abilities, isn't taking no for an answer. Good writing, fast paced reading, altogether an enjoyable experience.

A complimentary review copy of this book was provided by Sourcebooks, Inc.


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  2. What a pretty cover. She is a new author to me. Sounds like a wonderful book. I love anything Ireland, Scotland, or anywhere I dream of. Adding another book to my to read pile. Hopefully you don't get 2 of my posts. I lost the first one so trying again.
    Sue B