Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Giveaway and Guest Blog - Author Kat Henry Doran

I'm happy to introduce our Guest Author, Kat Henry Doran. Kat is going to tell us a little about her work and  share with us a recent interview conducted with Kieran Pollack, the hero of her latest work, Raising Kane, part ll, Out of the Dark.

Raising Kane, part II, Out of the Dark

Blurb: She's Raisin' Kane, committed to reporting the truth. No matter who it might harm.  He's Kieran Pollack, master at spinning the truth in favor of the criminal justice system and those who serve it. Truth or fiction: either could bring them to their knees.

Bio:  Kat Henry Doran writes about the places and people she knows best: family, tight neighborhoods within big cities, and everyday life in general. Out of the Dark is her third release with Wild Rose Press with two additional stories contracted with the Class of '85 series. 

 Author Interviews Character Kieran Pollack:

Where were you the first time you saw Mallory Kane? It was one of those “the hits just keep on coming” moments we've all experienced. The morning began with the usual chaos associated with getting two kids off to pre-school. After clocking in at work, I was informed of the Mayor's forthwith summons to City Hall. Seems Her Highness wanted an official response to rumors of a protest march turned riot the evening before which resulted in serious physical injuries. As what we call in law enforcement the “thirty-second rundown” ran down and I was already planning how to put a positive spin on the whole thing, this long-legged redhead marched past the check-in desk.

What was your first thought? Once I rolled my tongue back into my mouth, I thought 'Wow'. My second came after the desk sergeant indicated she'd spent the night in a holding cell courtesy of the Victory Police Department. Given she was a reporter, he thought I might want to head her off at the pass. Since I take pride in following the advice of those with more experience, I approached her with the intent of initiating a dialogue.

Her response was? That she'd sooner walk barefoot through a nest of pit vipers than speak with any member of the Victory PD. Things pretty much went down hill from there.

What do you do for fun and relaxation? I like working with my hands so whenever the weather cooperates, I'm in the yard, pinching dead-heads, yanking weeds, mowing the lawn—all those home owner chores. It's important that my kids learn to treat their possessions with care so I encourage them to help with the pinching and yanking. Four year-olds don't know the difference between a marigold and crabgrass but they're learning.

What was the best advice you ever received? Make sure your kids know you love them no matter what. 

Kat is graciously allowing me to give away one copy of her new book, Out of the Dark.
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WINNER IS: Tonya Callihan


  1. Loved the interview with Kieran, Kat. Sounds like he's a family man first and foremost. Good luck with sales.

    Jannine Gallant

  2. thanks, Jannine
    I had a lot of fun creating him--more fun creating his kids and mother who play integral roles in him looking for someone to complete his life.

  3. Kat
    I really liked this Kieran Pollack. Any chance he has an older, younger, uglier brother who has the same outlook on life?
    Veronica Lynch

  4. Hey Kat,
    Sounds like a great book, I haven't read it yet, but I plan to.
    Is most of the book in Kieran's POV?
    I would hate to spend a night in jail, but if it meant meeting a hot guy who may be my soul mate the next day it may just be worth it!
    Good luck,
    Christine K.

  5. Kieran is devine, red blooded, hardworking family man. From his interview, the story sounds like a sharp, fast wit and steamy romance. Can't wait to read his story. Thanks for the sneak peek into Kieran's character.

  6. That's excellent best advice! I also tell my kids there is nothing they could ever do that would make me not love them. Congrats on the book!

  7. Veronica,
    sorry. Kieran's an only child. Now, depending on how you feel about guys who barely made the height requirement to get into the academy [Scoot Rizzuto], he's someone you might want to consider. Very smart mouth with a heart of gold.
    Thanks for stopping by.

  8. Anonymous [aka Christine K.]
    I'd have to say the POV is probably 55/45 in favor of Kieran.
    This was a fun story to write, particularly the holding cell scene. I had to stop writing a couple times because I was laughing so hard. Those are the best scenes to write.
    Thanks for stopping by!

  9. Deb--
    yes, I must admit, Kieran is all those things and more.
    Thanks for stopping by.

  10. Hi, Lisa,
    thanks for stopping by. Great things you tell your kids. Good for you.
    thanks for stopping by.

  11. Hi Kat,
    My first thought about the K-man, I think I've worked with this guy. Sounds like a great story.

  12. What a fun discussion. I haven't read this book yet, but I'm looking forward to doing so. Kieran intrigues me a lot, and even more so after reading all these comments.

    Kat, thank you so much for spending a day with us here at Between the Pages. And I hope you will return again soon.


  13. Lynda,
    I greatly appreciate the opportunity to visit you today. Thanks for having Kieran. He had a good time, too!

  14. This book sounds great! Please include me. I enjoyed reading the interview and I learned that Kieran enjoys working with her hands, especially in her garden. I am a follower.

    nancyecdavis AT bellsouth DOT net

  15. Great interview. I love the name Kieran reminds me of Ireland. Kieran said she loved working with her hands, especially outside. Now I wonder what else she likes to do with her hands. Can't wait to read to find out.

    I am a follower of this blog.

    tonyacallihan AT hotmail DOT com