Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Author Pamela S. Beason blogs with two of her characters, Elisa Langston and Jake Street

I'm pleased to have with us today, Author Pamela S. Beason and her companions, characters Elisa Langston and Jake Street

About the Author:

Pamela S. Beason lives in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, where she writes mysteries and romance and works as a private investigator. When she's not on the job, she explores the wilderness on foot or on skis, in her kayak, or underwater as a scuba diver.


About The Book:

When Terrence Langston ran Langston Green, the plant nursery sailed along like a well-run ship. But when his daughter Elisa takes charge after his sudden death, she feels more like the captain of the Titanic. First, vandalism, then a major earthquake, then arson. And now a handsome insurance investigator

Interview with Elisa Langston, heroine of On Shaky Ground:
  Q.   Hey, Elisa, I hear you're working with a hunky insurance investigator.
  A.    That sounds like something my stepsister Charlie would say, but then most men would vault over a pit of alligators just to hold her purse.
Working with Jake Street? Hardly. He's investigating me.  Can you believe it? There's a vandal trashing my business and my office and apartment building just burned down, and my insurance man is investigating me?
  Q.   But didn't Jake rescue you after an earthquake?
  A.    A tree crashed down on me during our recent earthquake, breaking my leg and pinning me to the ground.  Jake showed up in the dark and called the paramedics, thank god. At the time, I thought he was an angel. Now I know he came to ambush me and accuse me of insurance fraud.
Q.   But there's no denying that he is a hunk. Aren't you attracted to Jake?
A.    Who wouldn't lust after a man like that? I'm especially curious about that sexy scar on his temple; looks like a bullet graze to me. And sometimes, the way he looks at me, I think he feels this chemistry between us, too. But it would never work out. I'm short and dark and half-Guatemalan, and he's got that tall Anglo thing going on. My dad was a tall Anglo and my mom was a Mayan Indian, and look how well that worked out: she went back to Guatemala when I was nine.
Men like Jake just don't fall for feisty Latinas who drive backhoes. Plus, remember my little problem? Jake thinks I'm a criminal! Do I have to get killed to prove I'm innocent?
Interview with Jake Street, hero of On Shaky Ground
Q.   Hey, Jake, you really don't seem like an insurance man to me. How'd you get into this line of work?
A.    I'm an investigator, and it pays very well, thank you. I used to be a detective, but then I got caught up in a political storm and had to quit the force.
Q.   I heard you killed someone?
A.    I don't want to talk about it. For your information, I'm not going to be an insurance investigator for much longer. I have another iron in the fire. But don't ask; I'm not going to talk about that, either.
Q.   Is it ethical for you to investigate Elisa Langston? Don't you two have a shared past?
A.     We went to the same high school, but hell, she doesn't even remember me. This is my job, and as much as I don't like to admit it, the Langston case looks mighty suspicious. Ever since Elisa inherited the Langston Green nursery from her father, she's filed claims for one vandalism incident after another. And now there's all this alleged 'earthquake damage.'  Did you hear that the main building just burned down? And that she was seen fleeing the scene? Elisa is 'hot' in more ways than one.


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