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Author Sherry Gloag's Book Tour and Character Interview

About The Book:

    Gina Williams is a 35-year-old famous children’s author, who also writes detective mysteries under the name of George Williamson.

   She was robbed of her childhood when aged ten by the late mother of the hero, Ben Kouvaris.

   When he was ten-years-old his mother sent him to her ex Theo Kouvaris, multi-millionaire, who lives in Greece.  When he returns to her funeral he is haunted by the beautiful woman who organised the funeral.

   When his father orders him to marry he thinks of Gina Williams.

   They have to overcome the horrors of the past and forgive their parents for their betrayals.  Will their past destroy their future?

EXCERPT: The Brat 
   From the shadow of the ancient yew tree, Benedict Kouvaris observed the two people standing at his mother’s graveside. The clergyman’s voice carried on the still air, as he intoned the funeral rites for the woman who’d sent him to another country on his tenth birthday, two and a half decades ago.

   He thrust his anger and confusion beneath the surface of his consciousness and focused his attention on the elegant Armani-suited woman, whose blonde hair contrasted with her black suit and concealed her face from view. The wind sighed through the branches, and the man beside him shifted from one foot to the other. “Who is she?” He raised an eyebrow in query.

   “Miss Williams, sir.” His mother’s solicitor, Mr. Cranborne, cleared his throat. “She cared for your mother for the last five years.”

   The clergyman bent to lift a small clutch of soil, which he threw into the open grave. His action was replicated by the woman. 

   And who, Ben wondered, was Miss Williams? 

Character Interview with Ben Kouvaris: By Sherry Gloag

   I almost ignored the ringing phone, after all, I had a book tour to deal with. But something had me picking up.

   “Yes?”  I tried to sound civil, but probably failed.  

   “Gina asked me to invite you to dinner tonight.”

   “Why?”  Irritation at Ben’s attitude, when he all but ran me off his property, the other day, still rankled.

   “We both owe you an apology.” 

   My ego still wanted to bitch, but I was running out of time, so I squashed it into submission.  “Thank you,” I said.  “What time?”

   “Seven if that is convenient.”  Oh boy, I wasn’t used to my hero in this mood.

   “Thank you,” I repeated.

   “Bring your recorder and I’ll give you that interview you asked for.”

   Five hours later replete from a gorgeous meal and fine wine, I pulled out my recorder. “Are you ready to answer some questions?”

   Once more Ben and Gina sat snuggled up together on their sofa, Gina’s hand engulfed in his.  “What do you want to know?”

   So much, I thought, and clicked on the recorder. “What attracted you to Gina when you first saw her at your mother’s funeral?  After all you didn’t know anything about her then, did you?”

   “I could not have explained it to you at the time, but now I believe it was ‘soul recognition’.  I watched Gina during the service, saw her leave and felt as though she touched me.  She certainly tramped through my brain 24/7 for the next month.”

   “But surely she had her investigated?”

   “How could I? I had nothing to work with, and when I did, Mark, my head of security had little to no success either.”

   “And yet, you asked her to marry you, why?”

   “I didn’t want permanent and thought a woman with secrets would accept a short term proposition knowing she’d walk away a very wealthy woman.”

   “A bit arrogant, weren’t you?”  I tried not to snort, honestly, I did try.

   “In hindsight, perhaps you are right...” I almost fell out of my chair at Ben’s admission.  “My father... I did it for my father.”

   “But...?  I can hear a ‘but’ in here somewhere.”  I knew the consequences of Ben’s actions, but wanted his perspective on the events that followed.

   “All I thought about was my father’s peace of mind. I didn’t know about Gina’s stalker.”   The colour leeched from his face as the memories resurrected.  “I didn’t know!  I wouldn’t have let her come home from Greece on her own if I’d known.”
   “Remind me what happened,” I prompted.

   “I persuaded Gina to come to Greece with me when my father was rushed into hospital, then something happened...”

   “Go on.”

   Ben shook his head.

   “Readers of this interview will want to know what happened.”

   “No!  I will not!  If they want to know more they must read our story.”  His arm wrapped around Gina’s shoulder and pulled her tight against his body.


   “No more!  This interview is ended.”

   “And you think readers will want to know about an arrogant jerk who refuses to complete his interview?”

   “Tell them, if they read The Brat, they will understand why my heart recognized its Soul Mate when my head did not.  Thanks to Gina I have never known such happiness as I have now with her beside me.”

   I thanked Ben for giving this interview, and accepted the cup of coffee Gina passed to me.

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  1. I love the way you have done this interview, Sherry. Really amusing and clever!

  2. :-) Thanks Megan, Ben is now in full 'protective mode' with Gina and it's hard to get any sense out of him at all these days!
    Thanks for coming by.

  3. Loved that excerpt, and from the interview, Ben doesn't seem a brat at all. :)

    I'd love to meet him! *sigh*

  4. Thanks for coming by Miss Mae. Ben is not The Brat. :-) Although he often behaves just like one!! LOL
    Yesterday's blog stop on my book tour included the 1st chapter.

  5. Thank you Linda for hosting me on your site. I've loved being here.

  6. You're very welcome, Sherry. I love the premise of your new book and can't wait to add it to my TBR stack. Best of success!