Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Donna Dalton Guest Blogs with one of her characters, rodeo clown Lassiter James "Bass" Newcomb (Giveaway)

Donna, thank you so much for visiting with us today and bringing with you the hero of your latest book, rodeo clown Lassiter James "Bass" Newcomb. But before we get into your interview with 'Bass', let's find out a little about you and the new book.

About the Author:
An avid reader of romance, in 2003, I turned my focus to writing after attending a workshop given by two published members of the Virginia Romance Writers.  I honed my craft, and in 2007, contracted my first book with The Wild Rose Press. Since then, I have published three full-length novels, three novellas, a short story in an anthology, and I have many, many more stories percolating in the To-Be-Written pile. 

About the Book: Her Rodeo Man
Rose McAllister needs a place to hide, somewhere her abusive ex-boyfriend can’t find her. A nursing position at the trauma center in a tiny rodeo town seems the perfect solution. Until she meets Bass Newcomb. The rodeo clown’s wit and charm quickly threatens her plan to remain secluded. 

A third generation bullfighter, Bass Newcomb refuses to let anything come between him and his beloved profession—especially an undiagnosed ailment he is trying desperately to keep hidden from those around him. So when a pretty new nurse treats him at the trauma center, he decides to get close enough to make sure she doesn’t accidentally mention his illness to the wrong person. He’s not ready to hang up his rodeo sneakers just yet. But what starts out as a game of cat and mouse soon turns into a battle of hearts as Bass finds himself becoming her rodeo man.

Character Interview: 

Donna: We’re here at the Elling rodeo arena in western Texas, talking with renowned rodeo clown and bull-fighter Bass Newcomb.  Welcome Mr. Newcomb, tell us, how did you come to be called “Bass?”

Bass :   My granddaddy gave me the nickname. Said I flapped my gums more than a wide-mouth bass, that’s a fresh-water fish for all you couch potatoes. The name just stuck.

Donna: Why bull fighting?  What drew you to the sport?

Bass : To me, it’s more than just a sport; it’s a connection to my deceased daddy and granddaddy. I’m a third generation bull-fighter. Been playing with bulls since I was knee-high to a grasshopper. It’s in my blood.

Donna: I see your expression fell some. Is there anything troubling you?

Bass : Nah, I’m good. Had a brush with a bull’s horn ‘bout two weeks ago. Dang bull caught me in the keister. But Doc Whitman patched me up, so I’m good to go.

Donna: According to my sources, you met someone while getting stitched up. A new nurse at the clinic.  What’s your relationship with Rose McAllister?

Bass : Nothing special. We’ve been out a time or two. She’s a nice gal. Knows all about fixin’ cars. That’s pretty cool. Not many chicks I know are interested in motors and tires and such.  And she’s a great nurse. Loves helping people. Puts their needs before her own. She’s a lot like my Ma in that respect.

Donna:  It sounds like you admire her. What’s holding up the relationship?

Bass : She’s got secrets. Something from her past. Something she ain’t willing to talk about. I’d like to  help, but I’m not sure that’s a good idea. I’ve got my own demons to face. 

Donna: What type of demons?

Bass: The worst sort. The invisible kind. The kind that eats at you from the inside out.   Been nice talking with you, Missus Dalton, but I gotta go. Got bulls to play with, and bull riders to watch out for. Good luck with your book.

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  1. Hi Donna.
    Nice interview. Ooh Bass sounds like my kind of man.



  2. Thanks, Margaret. I usually like the brooding alpha males, but Bass and his quirkiness was loads of fun to write.

  3. Good interview with Bass. I love interviews with a character from the book. Good luck.