Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Veronica Lynch, Author of 'Those Who Wait'

Please welcome Author Veronica Lynch. 


BLURB:  Meghan Muldoon is at a cross-road. Recently married to a man who dotes on her, someone she thought existed only in fiction, she struggles to balance the daily demands of an advocate for victims of violence against those of a newlywed.

On Valentines Day a series of routine crises force her to reconsider staying in a profession that fulfills her spiritually and professionally or devoting the rest of her life to the one person who makes everything worthwhile.

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Questions for Meg Muldoon:
Q. What first attracted you to [the hero of Those Who Wait] Keenan Rossi? 
A. It was his voice. In the course of my job I had the occasion to call the Sheriff's Department and was referred to the Crime Prevention Coordinator. Suddenly this voice was in my ear, so deep, so rich I nearly melted into the cushion on my swivel chair. I was hooked immediately.

Q. The second thing?
A. Equally as easy; the man makes me laugh. Down to the ground, gut-busting laughter. Sometimes I get so loud I embarrass him.

Q. The book mentions you honeymooned in Ireland. Any favorite places?
A. We spent three lovely weeks touring the West counties and driving up the coast from Clare to Donegal. This side of Ireland has long been a  favorite for its wild, untamed coastlines. I was educated in Ireland by the Benedictine nuns at the Kylemore Abbey School in Galway. We arranged the dates of the trip so that we would attend the last graduation class ceremonies which coincided and a reunion of former students. It was great fun showing Kee the Ireland I remember and introducing him to old friends and teachers. I am surprised and a little amazed at the number of women who have either chosen law enforcement as a career, or are partners with someone in law enforcement. Must be all those Jane Tennison/Prime Suspect shows we watched on the telly back in the day.

Q. Victim advocacy. What made you choose that as a career?
A. I could give you the standard response who I was bored and going nowhere in my then career—but I recently came across a quote by Madeleine Albright which fits my philosophy: There is a place in Hell reserved for women who don't help other women.
I believe in that with all my heart.

Q. We contacted people from a variety of community groups and asked them to describe you in five words or less. What do you think they said?
A. Besides that I'm a royal pain in the ass? Probably that I'm often abrupt to the point of rudeness; I am tenacious when it comes to finding answers for a client; a relentless advocate when it comes to court appearances or calls to Emergency Rooms; and resistant to the usual come-on lines from cops.

Q. Would you be surprised to know: if they or someone they loved were ever victimized by a crime, you are the first person they'd want at their side?
A. Oh. My.


BIO:  Blessed with a hyperactive imagination, Veronica Lynch uses places she's visited over the years for the settings of her many stories. Currently her faves include the shores of Lake Ontario in Western New York state but a recent vacation to Northern New York introduced her to the crystal pure waters of the Saint Lawrence River and the wild beauty of the Thousand Islands. Who knows, 'the Islands' might just take over top spot on her list of choice settings. 

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  1. Hi, Veronica,
    Just saw your message on the Class of '85 loop. Sorry you're having such problems with your ISP not letting you send messages to all your loops.
    Kieran Rossi sounds [and looks] like a hunk after my own heart.
    Long live baby boomer romance!!!

  2. Veronica--
    loved what you said about the West counties of Ireland. I loved my time there.
    congratulations on this new endeavor with Decadent Publishing.
    I hope Those Who Wait is just the beginning of a long, fruitful relationship with them.

  3. Veronica, I love this little book. It was a pleasure reading it. :-)

    Decadent Publishing
    www dot decadentpublishing dot com

  4. To Kat,
    thanks for stopping by!!
    Kieran, and the man he's patterned after, is very dear to my heart. now if I could only find him in real life!!

  5. Dear 'Anonymous"
    thanks for stopping by--and thanks for the encouraging words.

  6. thanks Heather,
    it's been a real pleasure working with Decadent. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to try something new. here's to many more short boomer romances!