Friday, November 5, 2010

Concrete Operational - The Project

THE PROJECT: Concrete Operational
Operation Concrete, at its core, is a collaborative media project. It brings together the aesthetic and audio qualities of art and music around the power of the written word to provide the viewer, listener, reader, with a complete experience.

This immersive event is what Richard Galbraith considers as one possible future for the book, Richard is project lead and author of Concrete Operational, the novel that provides the content and themes for the artists and musicians.

He believes the debate amongst the publishing industry regarding, eBooks, eReaders, electronic ink, copyright, print on demand and everything else is secondary. Secondary to the true reasons for the written word, art and music: to explore the emotion that its creation derives.

Its future is how we evolve and ensure these ideals take priority.

Operation Concrete hopes to do this, by providing us with the facility to explore some of the deepest human emotions; anger, desire, love, jealousy and madness across three mediums.

We hope that, as you feel the music, as you absorb the art as you immerse yourself in the written word, you will find something that moves you, that helps you question life, and helps you move closer to finding a meaning behind it all.

Concrete Operational - The Short - The book trailer from ricgalbraith on Vimeo.

THE NOVEL:  Concrete Operational
Germany Germany escaped a world that turned from the pursuit of greatness to
the pursuit of celebrity, the pursuit of fame. Now, hiding from a planet that is
absorbed, encapsulated and completely loyal to The Benefit and their show,
Germany and the others on their island struggle for survival and understanding
of what went wrong, and how they can possibly change things.

Richard Vortigern is a man at the pinnacle of the universe. He and his brethren,
The Universal Negotiators, have settled and pacified mankind, the human race
has come to a languid state, but Richard sees an end befitting of mankind’s
timeless struggle. He enacts a plan, one that will span the course of eons of
human history and turn humanity into children of the stars, an ultimate super

Richard’s plan needs someone, it needs a man, it needs one of times greatest
hero’s to ensure its success, it needs one man that changed things before, one
man with more fire and rage in his being than any other, it needs Germany

Time, fate, causality, love, fear, might and the power of will cross as Richard puts
in motion his plan and Germany Germany comes to understand the nature of the
universe, of time, of being, in this unrelenting look into the human condition and
why we are all here.

Find more about the novel and the independent collaborative art project that
surrounds it at:

My Thoughts: Beautiful.- Thought-provoking - Heart-racing experience - are just a few of the feelings that listening, viewing, and reading this wonderful collection brought to my mind. What a study in emotion! What a genius in rendering those emotions into art! What a journey of discovery to hear the music!

I feel really privileged that I had an opportunity to review this truly unique and special collection of Art, Music, and storytelling at it's best.

The book is engrossing, to say the least. I won't recount the story, as you have the synopsis above, but I do want to share a paragraph with you that's found on page 170.

"Come, i understand, no one else does, no one else can explain what the purpose of all this is, no one else can tell you what you want to know. No one else can make you complete, you should trust me, Germany, you deserve the answers to the universe, and that is exactly what you will receive."

I was already immersed in this strange tail, but at this point in the book I'm so hooked I don't stop to eat, I just keep reading. I'm sure I didn't get all the nuances of this story in the first reading, so I plan to read it again. The same goes for the ART and MUSIC. I think one could just keep peeling back the layers and keep finding new revelations. It's all FICTION, of course, but what a ride!

A complimentary collection was provided for review by the Author.

The Collection: 

This bespoke hand made boxed collection includes The Novel the Art Book and The Album. It will be numbered one of two hundred made and will be shipped directly with a message from the author. These are limited edition, no more will be made.

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