Friday, November 12, 2010

Life After College The new Graduate's Guide and How To Survive Your Freshman Year

Life After College The new Graduate's Guide
Advice From Hundreds of People

About The Book:
The latest book in the wildly popular Hundreds of Heads College Series .  At over 400 pages and full of powerful, tested advice, this book is  the perfect graduation gift for college grads.  With a special editor from CNN, the book focuses on getting and keeping a job, finding the best place to live, choosing the right financial path, adult etiquette, looking for love and graduate school options.  The book also contains a special financial "how-to" guide from the American Institute for Economic Research.

How to Survive Your Freshman Year

About The Book:
How to Survive Your Freshman Year --  the perennial best seller -- is brand new this year in a new 4th edition.  Packed with over 1,000 pieces of real-life advice from hundreds of students who survived their freshman year at more than 100 colleges across the country, the book has become a must have and perfect high school graduation gift.   How to Survive Your Freshman Year offers great advice on how to find friends and enjoy roommates, choose the best courses and majors, ace classes and exams, live on a budget, master the social scene, deal with college food and laundry – and much more.

My Thoughts On These Books: 
First thing to remember about these books is that the advice found on their pages is from many sources. Really just a compilation of individual opinion and some common sense. Each book is over 400 pages and touches on many of the areas your Freshman or soon to be GRAD will be thinking about. And how nice to have all that information in two easy to read and well laid out guides. Some of the features I enjoyed were;
  • The Talking Heads tip boxes
  • The top 5 or 10 lists
  • Questionnaires and sample letters
    Everything I could imagine a new college Freshman or soon to be GRAD could need advice on is covered in these books. From Facebook, to dorm life, campus activities, classes, to finance, to moving, to job hunting, to relationships, to parental help, etc.

    Complimentary review copies of these books was provided by The Cadence Group

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