Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The Sun and the Moon by Brian D. McClure

The Sun and the Moon 
By Brian D. McClure

About the Book:

It happened one day right out of the blue, the Sun told the Moon he was tired and through. "What do you mean?" the Moon asked the Sun, "That would be the end of everything, and that wouldn't be fun!" The Sun and the Moon soon allow their fears to turn into anger. In that very instant, they walk out on their responsibilities, and cause unseen harm to the Earth and all who inhabit it.
Eventually, the Sun and the Moon remember their interconnection with all, and quickly work together to restore balance. The Sun and the Moon is an entertaining story that reveals the unseen effects of fear and anger on others. It encourages children and adults to take a closer look at their behavior when they are overcome by anger.

My Thoughts: (The Cadence Group provided me with a complimentary copy of this book.)

This is the third book I've reviewed by Brian D. McClure and I've loved each one. The Sun and the Moon's illustrations by Buddy Plumlee are bright, big, and eye-catching, just right for your small child.
  1. The story teaches children that words can cause harm to others
  2. It reminds children that their actions can cause bad reactions 
  3. As to age appropriate, I think it would be good for children who've already started school. At that age they are learning the concept of working together for the common good, one of the themes in this story. I'd also recommend that parents read this to their child and take the time to discuss the learning points with them.
  4. The story gets the point across that out of control anger is never a good thing.
  5. The story is not only interesting, but it will also help a child to think about himself and how he acts toward others. 

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  1. This sounds a brilliant book. Not just for tiny tots either, I think my older children would do well to listen to the message this book is getting across. I love the rhyming lilt that you have included, it makes it so much easier to remember the message.