Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Phillipa Ashley Guest Blog, Author of Dating Mr. December

Phillipa Ashley Guest Blog, Author of Dating Mr. December

“My Typical Writing Routine”

Actually, I don’t have a typical writing routine.

I write commercial projects as well as fiction,  so I make a judgement every morning on how I’m going to divide up my day – but whether I stick to that or not is a different matter!

The jobs I write for my customers tend to be shorter projects with a very fast turnaround sometimes the next day for a Press release or article. I do have longer projects such as annual reports an websites so I have to keep an eye on them too.

No day is typical but the day might divide up like this:

As soon as I get up I bolt down my breakfast and check my overnight emails from publisher and readers and bloggers in the USA. If I’m in a creative phase, I’ll write my book on my laptop downstairs in the sitting room. – in my pajamas. I aim to get dressed before the postman arrives around 10am but that doesn’t always happen.

Usually then I get dressed and go into my main office upstairs which overlooks field sat the back of the house. Sitting down in the office puts me in a professional mode and I work on client projects all morning. After a quick break for lunch and the BBC news  or sometimes a walk around the village if I need to clear the cobwebs away I go back to the office and carry on with clients’ work until about 4pm or maybe a novel, if I have the time..

By 4pm I’m completely desperate for a break, physically and mentally so I drag myself off the keyboard and go for my daily treat. Now, this may sound sad but the health club staff are sometimes the first humans I’ve seen all day! My social life consists of my writer friends and readers on Facebook and Twitter.

I go to the health club where there are indoor and outdoor pools and a gym. I either swim outside - I try to go out to get a dose of fresh air – even if it’s dull and cold or even snowy! I think it is vital for a writer’s mental and physical health to get out every day otherwise slipped discs, bad necks shoulders, RSI and, of course, the weight piles on.

I read the newspapers and have a cappuccino or latte in the lovely cafĂ© there—what a treat that’s it made for me by the bar staff—and come back around 6pm – I feel refreshed and fired up so I work on the book again or on blog posts or research before dinner.

After dinner with my husband, I try not to go to the PC again because I want to talk to him! But …since I’ve been published in the USA, that’s when my publisher, Sourcebooks, and many new bloggers I’ve been introduced to are waking up, and sending me mail so I do dip back into the computer now and then and say hello.

This all sounds very regimented – you can see a writer’s life is mainly spent alone, on the keyboard.  But the day s are often disrupted very pleasantly – sometimes I have to go out on business events and I usually g to London every couple of months for a day or to two see my agent and attend Romantic Novelist Association events in London which is always fun and exciting.

Every months or so I also meet up with the Coffee Crew, two writer friends, Nell and Liz, we meet for lunch and talking about writing, books – they are a wonderful support and I can trust and rely on them.

Then there are library events and talks etc. Meeting other people is such a treat and a great part to my “atypical” writing routine!

Praise for Phillipa Ashley:
"Ashley’s writing is deft, sexy, and full of humor."

"Lovely books filled with warm and likeable characters. Great fun!"
—internationally bestselling author Jill Mansell

"Sharp, sexy, and exuberant."

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After a disastrous discovery loses Emma Tremayne both her boyfriend and her high-profile PR job in London, she moves to the Lake District to recover her confidence and live a simpler life. She loves her new job with the tourist board, and she’s settling into small town life just fine—until she ends up responsible for a fundraising effort that calls for twelve naked mountain rescuers...
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Phillipa Ashley studied English Language and Literature at Oxford before becoming a freelance copywriter and journalist. Dating Mr. December (called Decent Exposure in the UK) was the basis of last year’s Lifetime TV Movie “The 12 Men of Christmas.” A frequent guest on BBC national, local and independent radio on all matters romantic, she lives with her husband and daughter in Staffordshire, UK. For more information, please visit, follower her on Twitter or find her on Facebook!

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  1. Hello. Thanks for having me over.

    I'd like to apologise for the typos - I think I must have sent a slightly earlier draft than I intended over to you.

    Just goes to show how first drafts can always be imporved, lol.

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  3. This sounds like a fantastic book! I can't wait to read it!

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  4. Heh. I remember watching the tv movie. It was cute. But since the book is always better than the movie, I'd love the chance to read this.

    Thanks! :0)
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  5. Absolutely true. I would always pick up the month of december next to february when it comes to romantic dates.