Thursday, February 10, 2011

Review of Song of Renewal by Emily Sue Harvey

Song of Renewal
by Emily Sue Harvey

About The Book:

The Wakefields seem to have everything. Garrison is a hugely successful graphic artist. Liza is an active member of the community and a patron of the arts. Their 16-year-old daughter Angel is bright, beautiful, and a gifted dancer. At the same time, though, they have traded away many of their dreams. Garrison gave up a future as an accomplished painter to make money. Liza suspended her own dancing career to raise a family. And Angel is setting aside her ambitions to live her mother’s dream.

When Angel gets into a car accident that kills her first love, the Wakefields’ lives turn on a dime. While Angel lies in a coma from which even the best prognosis is devastating, Garrison and Liza sit by her side, their once-passionate marriage in tatters. As their heartache over Angel builds, Garrison and Liza struggle to rediscover who they once were—and who they were meant to be. They come to realize that it will take everything they have within themselves to heal Angel, heal their hearts, and renew the power of their love.

My Review:  I'm of two different opinions on this story. On the one hand, it had a promising story line and did provide several scenes that offered insight and emotional clarity, but on the other hand, the characters seemed too self-absorbed at a time when the very nature of crisis forces ordinary people to break through the shallow me-isms of our nature. Mom and Dad didn't seem quite real from the beginning, and therefore, never really reacted to their daughters tragedy in a believable way. The story is not a wash-out, though. I liked the authors voice and the regional and domestic flavor was very real and well done. The dialogue is also richly written. I give this book THREE STARS, and hope you'll judge it for yourself.

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