Monday, May 9, 2011

The Milieu Principle

The Milieu Principle
By Malcolm Franks

About The Book:
An unmarked memory stick arrived in the post. He hadn't been expecting anything so paid the object little attention. Mike wasn't to know it held details of a plan to resolve global overpopulation by decimating human numbers on the planet. He soon discovers, however, that the owners of the memory stick want it back, and no loose ends. Now his very existence is at risk and he must run.

My Thoughts: 
In this story the author comes up with a chilling solution to over population with loads of potential for a breathtaking journey.  However, in the telling, it seemed to me to fall a little short of its potential. As with big stories there is also an abundance of characters which take some real concentration to keep straight. But, for all its little quirks, it's was still an enjoyable reading experience.
Rating: Three Stars

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  1. I had a look at this. Great story with some fantastic chase scenes. I notice there is another book in the series, Milieu Dawn. Thanks for bringing this author to my attention.