Monday, June 27, 2011

Review of Journals of the Big Mouth Bass

Title: Journals of the Big Mouth Bass
Author: Debbie Sue Bass Williamson

Review by Kelsey G.

Keeping Secrets is an intimate glimpse into the thoughts and feelings of a nine-going-on-ten year old living in a very turbulent time in history. I really enjoyed this book, and I thought the writer did an excellent job at capturing the sometimes painful innocence of growing up. The storyline never grew stale and every page brought a fresh plot twist, with an ending that took my breath away. I think many readers will recognize something of themselves in Mrs. Williamson's characters, as I myself often did. Dialogue was used very thoughtfully, giving this book the authentic feel of an actual child's journal. The characters were well-written and believable; after reading Mrs. Williamson's "From the Author" pages, it seems she based many of her characters on her own life experiences, even naming the main character after herself. This works to her advantage, I think, because it lends realism to the story. I'm not sure what age-group this book is aimed at, some of the themes in this book could be considered "mature", so parents might want to take a look at it beforehand. Keeping Secrets is a touching reminder of childhood's beauty and angst, and overall, a very good read!

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