Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Review: Texas Blue by Jodi Thomas

Texas Blue 
Book 5 - Whispering Mountain Series
by Jodi Thomas

About the Book:
Gambling man Lewton Paterson wants to marry into a respectable family, even if it costs him his friendship with Duncan McMurray. After fleecing a train ticket from one of the three gentlemen picked to call on Duncan's cousins, Lewt makes his way to Whispering Mountain. But seducing a well-bred woman is harder than Lewt thought, and he realizes that to entice a McMurray sister, he'll need to learn a thing or two about ranching and love.
Review by Lynda:
Emily McMurry devises a plan to avoid the man she doesn't want to meet, much less fall in love with. But like most well-laid plans, the OOPS factor is always present, and in this case, very entertaining as well. This is a well written story with a character driven plot that touches the heart. And I love the way Author Jodi Thomas wrote a true romance instead of a sexual expose', which, in my opinion takes a heap more talent. The heart-stopping moments between Lewton and Emily are exciting scenes that deepen the character arc for the reader. I really loved this book and would easily recommend it to anyone looking for an enjoyable read.


  1. Pretty book cover. Sounds like a wonderful book.
    Sue B

  2. Sounds like a pretty series.
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