Wednesday, September 21, 2011

by Paige Agnew

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About The Book:
When seven strangers are thrown together to be pawns in a psycho's mind game, they realize that they have to work together to reach their true potential or it could very well mean their death.

Seven strangers. Seven stories. One chance to not only save their lives, but to change them in ways they'd never even.

An Interview With Author Paige Agnew:

1. What makes Seven different from other books in the marketplace dealing with the same topic?

I can't really say I've seen the same topic. Young Adult fiction is too busy with vampires and werewolves and fairies to talk about kidnapping (Not that I'm bashing. Paranormal fiction is my guilty pleasure). Really, what makes it different is that it is different.

2. What age group would enjoy reading Seven?

while I target young adults like myself, I think that adults could enjoy this just as much. Some of the main characters are adults and the themes within it are universal.

3. What was the most powerful chapter to write in Seven?

No specific chapter, but I think the end was most powerful as the climax. Not only that, but because one character in particular is very, very dynamic. He goes through the most change and emerges as a surprising leader and it's most powerful when that change is complete.

4.  Does Your book have a happy ending?

I don't believe in happy endings. I believe in perfectly imperfect endings. No one lives totally happily ever after and no one's completely unscathed, but I think readers will be more than satisfied with the ending.

5.  What inspired you to write your book?

Seven is all one big metaphor. Of course, interpretation lies in the eye of the beholder, but for me, what inspired me to write this was a concept, a concept featured at the beginning of the book: "We are all born with profound greatness, as immense as the sea. Every day is a choice on whether or not we live up to our potential;" The rest of the book is a reflection of that. My inspiration was the desire to get that idea across and do something a little different.
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