Monday, October 3, 2011

Review: Fires of Winter by Roberta Gellis

Fires of Winter 
by Roberta Gellis

About The Book:
A Sparkling Prize of War...
The beautiful, cherished daughter of Scottish nobility. Melusine of Ulle had all the privileges of rank. But her family and her life were destroyed by the ravages of war. And her novle name made her a threat to the king...
A Loyal Vassal's Reward...
A bastard son of an English lord, Bruno of Jernaeve was born with nothing. But through loyalty, cleverness, and brute strength, he carved out a spot at the right hand of the king. And to remain in favor he would do anything, even accept the hand of his enemy...
They have nothing in common and every reason to hate each other, but even in the coldest of winters one spark can ignite a fire too hot to tame.

Review by Lynda:
Fires of Winter is very interesting in the fact that it seems to be about real people more so than fictional ones. But I'm sure that's not an accident since the author, Roberta Gellis, can write characters who really do come alive between the pages of her books. Melusine and Bruno are two such characters who, if there were any justice in the world, should never have crossed paths. Justice, being a fickle fellow the majority of time, throws them together in the least advantageous way. But I'm sure that's just what author Roberta Gellis intended all along. And I was very pleased that she did, because the story that follows is funny, exciting, and full of adventure. I love a romance that compliments a complex storyline, giving it emotional substance. If you're already a fan of Roberta Gellis, or are looking for a new author to read, look for this book in November 2011. 

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