Thursday, October 27, 2011

Review of - A Death For Beauty, or an Immortal by Alberto Rios Arias

About The Book:
Set during the Civil War, a troubled young woman struggles with her conscience after the suspicious death of her unfaithful husband. When her dreams of a new life seem hopeful, she ventures across the western plains with her sickly daughter in tow and an unscrupulous businessman who promises her a pot of gold. But the seeds of this dangerous venture—sown in blood—yield the unexpected and what she encounters along the fringes of the Oregon Trail in the dark corners of the prairies, will change her life forever.

Lynda's Review:
Where to begin? There is no doubt that this story is intricately written with extraordinary attention to historical detail and characterization. And while some readers will find it to be up-lifting in it's culmination, the ever present dark side of tragedy, despair, hope, and realization drained much of the pleasure for me. As a piece of historical fiction, I found it enlightening. But, as a reader who loves to connect with the characters of a story, I found that difficult, especially in the case of the story's protagonist, Virginia Mae Mercy. Every story hits some cord in a reader's heart, mind, or conscience, and I'm always hoping that it will be an enjoyable experience, but sometimes that's just not the case. For that reason, I give this book Three Stars.

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