Thursday, October 20, 2011

Review - Taken Away by Patty Friedmann

Taken Away
By Patty Friedmann

About the Book:
What does young Summer Elmwood do when her little sister disappears during the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina and everyone blames her?
When Summer Elmwood’s hot, bedraggled, exhausted family arrives unannounced at the door of her aunt’s elegant Houston house, her mother explains. “We’ve had a disaster. Not the hurricane, a real disaster.”

It is one week after Katrina laid waste to the Elmwoods’ hometown of New Orleans, and like most residents, they were too close to the tragedy to see its scope. Besides, they were coping with a possible tragedy of their own, and only because their city has closed down have they evacuated. Summer’s baby sister disappeared the day the storm hit.

Two-year-old Amalia Elmwood had open-heart surgery three days before the storm, and in the chaos—breaking windows, loss of power, rising water, departure of doctors and nurses—Amalia has disappeared from Intensive Care. The Elmwoods find themselves helpless to find her in an abandoned city.

When her parents start to suspect Summer—who aches for some positive attention—might be the culprit, Summer musters all her resources to track her sister down. With parents who don’t like technology, she must sneak to use computers and cell phones, but with the help of a friend, Haydn Glade, who also is exiled in Texas, she picks up clues that the FBI ignores and eventually figures out what happened. Haydn, whom she “would be in love with if I didn’t love him so much,” seems a much more romantic boy in Texas. Summer has to decide how much.

Review by Lynda:
Author Patti Friedmann's writing style and voice are gripping within themselves, but when paired with an exceptional story, the experience becomes a feast of delectable dialog, introspection, description, etc., etc.

I was enthralled by the honesty with which this story is told. That honesty took center stage through gut-wrenching fact and description, sometimes it gushed forth in desperation and misery. A Heartless disaster, heartless circumstances, and heartless individuals all band together to form a almost unbeatable foe in TAKEN AWAY. This story is REAL in every sense. You can't read it and come away untouched. I'm thrilled to have had the chance to read and review this work by author Patti Friedmann. I give this book 5 STARS!


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