Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Blink of an Eye-Review by Kelsey G.

Blink of an Eye
By: William S. Cohen

About the book:

It is America's worst nightmare: A nuclear bomb destroys a major city. Thousands of Americans are dead and many more will die from radiation poisoning. Threats promising more attacks spread through the media. Panic has broken out in many cities. How could American intelligence have failed to detect a nuclear device? Who is responsible for the blast?
Sean Falcone, national security advisor, is tasked with identifying and tracking down the attackers. Powerful forces within the capitol point the finger at Iran. But appearances are often deceiving, and never more so than when millions of innocent people may die for a crime they did not commit. With the potential to incite the entire Muslim world against America and bring the world to the brink of Armageddon, Falcone discovers an astonishing secret hidden deep within the upper echelons of Washington's elite...but why should the president - or the American people - believe him?

Review by Kelsey G.

The old adage encourages authors to "write what you know", and Mr. Cohen does know. He knows governmental procedures, he knows Washington insider details, but does he know how to write a compelling thriller novel? Surprisingly, yes. Blink of an Eye presents an incredibly detailed scenario that hits very close to home. The writing is factual, precise and well-timed. We get to know the main character, hero and national security advisor Sean Falcone very well, and we care about him. This novel will be fascinating for individuals who like a true to life feeling. Nothing in this novel seems contrived, or unimaginable. It is very detailed though, and even though the front cover suggests exploding, edge-of-your-seat, nonstop thrills, this isn't that type of book. Oh, there is action, and plenty of it, but most time is spent on revealing just how our government would respond to an attack of this magnitude, and not all of this is thrilling. Overall though, this book is a hit, one whose subject matter we can only pray remains within the realms of fiction.

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