Sunday, November 27, 2011

I Don't Wear a Suit! - Review by Kelsey G.

I Don't Wear a Suit!
By: Victoria A. Seitz Ph.D. Image Consultant

About the book:

It used to be that the only office attire that communicated success was the suit. Today t here truly is a continuum of options that are just as appropriate and communicate success whether you work in a factory, argue a case in court, sell, or teach. I Don't Wear A Suit is the must have handbook for men and women for dressing great in TODAY'S workplace! You will:
  • Learn the foundations of good style and design
  • Identify the appropriate clothing for your workplace.
  • Use color to develop your own individual look that WORKS for you
  • Maximize your assets and minimize your liabilities with your body type
  • Travel light but right for work
  • Develop a dress policy that protects your business' brand image
Review by Kelsey G.

Does this book deliver on its promises to communicate effective style advice for today's working individual? Yes. Does it do so in the most engaging manner possible? Not so much. The advice in this book is solid, honest and accurate. There are tips for men and women, and Dr. Seitz covers a broad range of image topics, including the care of clothes, dressing for your body type, even advice for employers looking to set up their business' own dress code.

That being said, the information is presented in an almost overwhelming format, lots of words, and zero images. I mean, there are absolutely no pictures in this entire book, other than the front and rear cover images. For a book all about the impact of the visual, and crafting an effective image, one would think actual images would be used! There's not even color font! The absence of such visually stimulating tools makes this book seem dated in format, almost a guide from another decade.

At times the definitions of certain items is a little technical - Excerpt: "Oxford Shoe: is a style of laced shoe characterized by shoelace eyelet tabs that are stitched underneath the vamp" (pg.136) I'm sorry...what? The information is sound, I just hope the hectic schedule of today's business people allow them to invest the time and focus necessary to get something out of this book.

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