Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The Journey of the Noble Gnarble - Review by Kelsey G

The Journey of the Noble Gnarble
By: Daniel Errico
Illustrated by: Tiffany Turrill

About the book:

Far Below the Ocean Waves...
A gnarble left his cozy bed along the ocean floor,
He dreamt about a place that he had never seen before!

He headed to the surface for a glimpse of sun and sky,
The trip was so impossible, he'd be the first to try.

Gnarbles can't swim far with little fins and floppy tails
What makes this gnarble noble isn't written on his scales.

You won't believe the new fantastic creatures that he found,
But did he reach the top or did he quit and turn around?

The thrilling tale of the noble gnarble, accompanied by vibrant, four color illustrations, will delight children ages 3 to 6--and their parents too!

About the Author:

Daniel Errico is a multimedia children's author whose stories emphasize themes of perseverance and resilience, as well as highlight a fundamental curiosity about the world. His sea of works can be found in collections, mobile apps, and internationally bestselling e-books. Daniel is also the creator of FreeChildrenStories.com, which offers free and original media for kids. He currently resides in New Jersey, where he has yet to spot that elusive gnarble...

Review by Kelsey G.

This is the kind of book that makes me wish we had more stars on our rating scale. As soon as I received a copy I read it cover to cover, then immediately took it over to show my sister (who is eighteen years old.) She begged me to let her keep it, but I steadfastly refused, going next to show my mother (fifty years old) Impressed, she asked if I would stay to show it to my other sister (15 years old) Once I did, that sister also tried to bribe me with sweets to let her keep it for herself. This book was well-worn and loved long before we ever showed it to anyone under ten years old!

As soon as you get a copy of this fantastic book, you'll understand the immediate love affair. The cover itself evokes a sense of adventure and wonder that too many adults have left behind in their childhood. But once you start the story...that's when the real adventure begins. Composed using a simple rhyming scheme, the story unfolds almost magically page by page, as the reader follows the adventure of an unnamed gnarble on his quest to see sunlight. This is children's literature at its best. Mr. Errico regards his young readers with the utmost respect and it shows. This story is imaginative, action-packed and ultimately, teaches a valuable life-lesson about self-acceptance and endurance.

Now, a word about the illustrations. The artist has simply outdone herself. This is one of those rare occasions where the story and artwork intertwine so flawlessly you hardly realize where the words have ended and the imagery begins. Mark my words, this is one of those gems that comes along only so often during a generation. You know what? Just go buy this book! Immediately! Oh, and when we're all lined up at the cinema wearing 'Noble Gnarble' t-shirts to see the movie adaptation of this unbelievable story...just remember, I called it.

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