Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Review - The Door To Far-Myst by Mike Dicerto


Can a boy who has never even heard of the word “imagination” save a magical world from an evil force using his own imagination?
Rupert Dullz isn’t very happy. His grandmother’s coffus is getting worse, school is boring and there’s nothing to do on his days off but rake up endless piles of leaves. Everything in Graysland is, well, gray, and every day is just like the one before it, and the one before that. That is, until a strangely dressed man named Pie O’Sky swoops out of nowhere in his multicolored bagoon and offers a special reward to whoever can open his mysterious door. When Rupert succeeds, he’s thrilled when Pie O’Sky carries him beyond it to the brilliantly colored land of Far-Myst. Adventure calls, and Rupert discovers a wonderful world full of something he’s never heard of before–imagination. But Far-Myst is in danger, and it may be that only Rupert has the power to save it. Is he the one whose imagination is powerful enough to stop the evil that is destroying the beautiful world beyond the door?.

Lynda's Review:
Engaging and FUN! Author Mike Dicerto skillfully weaves a tale of adventure and discovery as experienced through the eyes of Rupert, a boy living in a colorless world lacking imagination. The emphasis the author puts on fantastical imaginings, instead of the dark side of evil, was immensely refreshing. Of course, evil does exist, and Rupert must find a way to out-do this menace through the use of his new-found realm of imagination--such an exciting concept with enough twists and unexpected results to keep a Young Adult reader enthralled for hours. As a reader you must be ready to expand you belief factors and also embrace a whole bouquet of descriptive vocabulary. The words choices alone can conjure up all manner of speculation.

Here's a quote to whet your imagination:

~"Far-Myst had always been a land of practical jokes and tall tales. Stories would pass from person to tree, plant to bird, and they would grow taller and less practical with each telling." ~

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  1. Can't wait to read it!

  2. Loved it! Highly recommended!