Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The Snowman's Revenge - Review by Kelsey G.

The Snowman's Revenge
By: Mark Smythe
Illustrations by: Mike Motz

About the book:

If you were left out in the cold snow all by yourself, would you be mad? Of course you would! Well, this snoman is out for revenge, especially after he sees those kids in the nice warm house, eating cookies and drinking hot chocolate! So, let's see what happens in this delightful story, nicely flowing with rhymed verse, beautifully illustrated and quite humorous indeed. So lovable, it's sure to be an instant favorite and a timeless classic with "kids" of all ages.

Review by Kelsey G.

You know what they say about the fury of a snowman scorned...
The Snowman's Revenge is a children's (read:family) book that delivers on every level. Its cartoon illustrations are colorful and dynamic, and of particular note is the unique way the text flows with the illustrations. Instead of just sitting plainly on the page like well behaved sentences, the narrative rhymes of this story at times are creeping shadows on the wall, climbing up steps, and the like. This book has an almost deliciously spooky tone, but nothing too intense for young readers. We're all in on the joke, of course, because despite his anger, we know what will happen to the snowman when he creeps inside the warm house to exact his revenge!

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