Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Review - Because of You by Cathy Maxwell

November 2011 – Re-Issue | Avon Books
ISBN-13: 978-0-380-79710-3 | ISBN: 0-380-79710-0

About The Book:

Is a reckless rogue worthy of the love of an innocent enchantress?

Pretty Samantha Northrup knows it is her duty to marry—but the chaste English vicar’s daughter secretly desires to be swept off her feet by a man whose kisses leave her breathless. And when a seductive stranger arrives at her door one stormy night, Samantha’s neat and orderly life is turned upside down—especially when she finds herself in a most compromising position . . . and is forced to marry a man she barely knows!
Samantha is unaware that her mystery bridegroom is Yale Carderock, the dashing, disinherited rakehell son of a duke, banished by his father years before. Now Lord Yale has returned—wealthier but only somewhat reformed—and he is bewitched by his lovely new bride’s awakening sensuality and innocent fire. But can this marriage of convenience be something more . . . and can a confirmed cad and society outcast truly change his ways enough to merit the lady’s tender love?

Review by Lynda:
Typical romance with some fresh twists.  If you like reading about star-crossed lovers, you'll love this retelling of BECAUSE OF YOU  by Cathy Maxwell. Intimacy occurs after the wedding, which is a plus for many readers. The characters of Samantha Northrup and Yale Carderock are colorfully defined. Different in every way, these two people will entertain you through the highs and lows of their discovery of each other.

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