Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Review - The Queen of Last Hopes by Susan Higginbotham

The Queen of Last Hopes
By Susan Higginbotham

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About The Book:

When fifteen-year-old Margaret of Anjou journeys from France to marry England’s Henry VI, she hopes that her wedding will mean a lasting peace between England and France. Instead, England’s losses of French territory infuriate the people, resulting in the horrific murder
of Margaret’s first friend in England, William de la Pole.

Pregnant at last after eight years of marriage, Margaret places her hopes in her coming child. Then the worst happens: the gentle, ineffectual Henry suddenly goes mad and cannot even recognize his longed-for son. As feuding nobles rush to exploit the situation, Margaret determines to protect the rights of her husband and her child.

Undaunted by exile, poverty, danger, and the slanders of her enemies, Margaret remains loyal to her cause even as those around her falter in their allegiances. For the man and the boy she loves best, she will risk everything—her reputation, her safety, and the future of England itself.

Review by Lynda:
As told primarily through the eyes of Margaret of Anjou and other key characters, this first-person account of the War of the Roses is thoroughly historical and is delivered with wonderful story-telling technique by it's author, Susan Higginbotham.This is the other-side-of-the-coin, as it were, in the recounting of this historical account.

A political marriage lands her in England, a hot bed of conniving and treachery. To survive in the struggle between the Houses of Lancaster and York, and their constant bid for power, this new queen fights for the tenuous rights of herself and her son. In this book, author Susan Higgenbotham gives us spectacles of a different color, so-to-speak. They may not be exactly 'Rosy' but they do allow us to see and observe these characters from a different angle than most historical accounts, and that is what I found most refreshing and interesting about this book. Definitely a good read for all those who enjoy historical sagas.

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