Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Drayling Review by Kelsey G.

By: Terry J. Newman

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About the book:

Twenty-fifth century Drayling, and Britain as a whole, has benefited greatly from advances in technology and medical science, and life in the Graves' household, and in those of their friends and colleagues, is secure, clear and very content. The desire and need for clarity, truth and order has motivated communities to live in harmony, abandoning any potentially controversial aspects
or ways of life, including all religions, in favour of a modern civilised society that upholds order, implicity, honesty, love and honour as its ideals.

Review by Kelsey G.

I honestly didn't believe I would enjoy this book. Surprisingly, however, I found it fascinating. It might be slightly heavy on political inner workings but I think the heart of the story will win readers over. The concept of a peaceful future maintained by literally eliminating all which is controversial is...well...controversial in itself, but also strangely thought-provoking. The characters are interesting and multi-faceted, really well-developed. The one thing I found lacking was the romance, however the cover art itself is tantalizing, the rich colors and vivid imagery a fitting precursor to this unique novel. I recommend this book to any fan of sci-fi or dystopian fiction.

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