Saturday, May 5, 2012

Getting Into The Writer's Zone
Here I sit. Computer screen is brightly lit, but blank. Coffee cup is empty. Half the morning has past. What does this have to do with the Writer's Zone? I CAN'T FIND IT! 

What does it look like, you ask? Well, mine is a very private, comfy place. It's stress free, open to every imaginative quirk. It's the place where my unconscious self takes charge. Do or don't doesn't exist there. Words, thoughts, images, scenes, dialog, they all play together in complete abandon, flowing like crystal clear water, unrestrained. Like a prime athlete, when in the Zone, I'm unbeatable. The pages fill, the word count mounts effortlessly.

So what do I do when I lose the Zone? When that happens to me, it's most often due to a lack of concentration. Life, things, whatever, they clutter my reality, bothersome and uninvited. Adjusting my focus is like finding the perfect clarity through a camera lens. It takes patience and practice.

Meditation is a great focusing tool. Sinking myself into my character's plight, situation, or mindset. Seeing what they're seeing, smelling what they smell, hearing what they hear, and most important, feeling what they feel, transports me into their world. All it takes is a little nudge on my part, and the action begins. The characters animate, the scene begins to unfold. All I have to do is record it.
How does one begin to meditate? Lean back in a comfortable chair, stretch out on a couch, find a private spot on the deck, patio, or garden area, whatever or wherever doesn't matter as long as the atmosphere is conducive to quiet, focused deliberation.Then let the story fill every space of your mind. Don't try to direct, control, or edit, just let the action unfold. The results are amazing...YOU'RE IN THE ZONE.



  1. wish i could find the zone...but right now i feel like i'm more in the Twilight Zone than the Writer zone. I think it's bedtime haha.

  2. Absolutely, sometimes writers need to get out of their zone, but not for too long. Besides meditation, prayer has been the most effective way for me to overcome a block in creativity. Clearing clutter in all forms also nurtures my creativity. I have taken a few hours or days off from writing to get current with e-mails or magazines.