Thursday, July 12, 2012

Author Spotlight - Laurel Bradley

BOOK: Trust No One
AUTHOR: Laurel Bradley

About The Book:
IT'S ALL ABOUT SECRETS... Taylor Wilson's husband, Phil, has them. His best friend and art agent, Sean, has them. Everyone has them except Taylor—yet she's the one someone is trying to kill. Moments before a bomb destroys Taylor’s home, Phil disappears. Soon after, her landscape design business blows up as well. FBI agent Mark Cochran puts her into protective custody, but whoever is behind the bombings continues to stalk her. Cochran thinks Taylor’s husband is the culprit, but she refuses to accept it. She believes the cryptic messages Phil is sending her are proof he’s trying to protect her and lead her to where he is hiding. However, while searching for Phil, Taylor learns he may not be as innocent as she believed. Will Taylor’s faith in the man she loves keep her safe—or get her killed?

About the Author:
Laurel Bradley, author of Trust No One, A Wish in Time, and Crème Brûlée Upset, lives in a small town in Wisconsin with her handsome husband and the youngest of their five charming children. The first three kids are now men. The eldest is grown and flown. He’s a rocket scientist, no less. The second is in seminary discerning the Catholic priesthood. The third just graduated from college in three years (yes!) and is getting married to a wonderful young woman at the end of the month. We are thrilled. Number four is the sole girl. She just finished her freshman year of college. So…there’s only the youngest son at home. He’s amazed how much mowing and shoveling there is to do and shocked that his older siblings think he has it made.

Lynda's Review: 
Riveting! Riveting! This story is strong in all areas. It's intense and touches the darker side of human nature as we hear and see so often in the media. Sad to say, twisted individuals and the misery they cause are a fact of life, and in reality, any one of us could be a target of such a person in our lifetime. On the bright side, we also get too see love and loyalty tested to the limit. It makes you think about how deeply you believe in the people you love, how much you trust them. This is a crime/suspense drama with lots of twists to keep you guessing. Author Laurel Bradley writes with realism and honesty. I give this book four stars!

Interview with Laurel Bradley:
Laurel, I appreciate you taking the time to answer some questions for our readers here at Between The Pages.
My pleasure.

For readers who this may be their first time hearing about you, can you tell them a little bit about your self?
I’m the mother of five children who keep getting older while I don’t. I’m an eclectic reader and writer. I like to sing along with the radio until the kids ask me to stop. When I’m not writing, I enjoy reading, kayaking, and painting with watercolor. You can see one of my paintings on the blog page of my website

If you could meet one person past or present who would that be?  
Jesus, but I wouldn’t just want to meet him. I’d want to spend forever with him. I would also like to be a much younger me talking to a mentally sharp senior citizen me. Think of the advice I could give myself. “Have faith in these truths.” “Buy Microsoft.” “Don’t cry over that schmuck, you’ll marry a great guy.” “Don’t get that perm, trust me.”

What is your idea of a relaxing day?
It would start early. I’d go kayaking when the lake is still as glass and the sun is just peaking over the horizon. I’d come home in time to enjoy a steaming mug of coffee on the dock with my husband. Then I’d hurry off to morning Mass. Back home, I’d spend the rest of the morning and early afternoon writing. I’d move back outside in the mid afternoon to paint in the sunshine. Late afternoon, the family would all be home. We’d have dinner on the deck, then I’d watch my husband and kids barefoot water ski until dusk. When the mosquitoes descended, we’d move inside and spend time together talking and laughing. That would be the perfect day.

Describe your books in one sentence. Stories so good you’ll ask, “What else has she written?” At least, that’s my goal.

Trust No One When Taylor’s world explodes, will her faith in the man she loves keep her safe—or get her killed?   

A Wish in Time –the quest for a child causes two women to unwittingly switch place in time. 

Crème Brûlée Upset—Mike Tucker’s just-before-Christmas campaign to win Patrice Wilson’s love involves four nosey parents, three scoops of ice cream, two other suitors and a Don Quixote singing troubadour.

What book are you currently working on now?
I’m in the final chapters of writing a suspense novel about a hemorrhagic virus called Scream. The story takes place in Africa in the early days of President Kennedy’s Peace Corps. Liam Frank, a doctor with the CDC (which was the Communicable Disease Center at the time and not the Center for Disease Control), takes a sabbatical to be with his girlfriend who is volunteering as a Peace Corps teacher in Uganda. What neither of them knows is that the doctor in charge of the Penny’s camp has traded Liam’s services to an up-and-coming warlord in exchange for an open supply route. The warlord has discovered a particularly deadly virus that has ravaged a few isolated villages. He wants Liam to find a cure for the disease. Or does he?


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  1. TRUST NO ONE rocks. It is one of those books you can't put down. Twists and turns, bad guys, good guys-- who can tell which is which? If you like taut, suspenseful reading and don't have to get up early the next day, this is a must read. Laurel Bradley is an author to watch.