Monday, June 18, 2012

Review - The Mommy Diaries

The Mommy Diaries: How I'm Surviving Parenting Without Killing Anyone

by: Dallas Louis

About the book:
What do you get when you mix a crawling toddler, a screaming baby, and a sudden craving for pickles and ice cream all over again? A full-time job. Some people call this “parenting.” It’s an intense roller coaster of constant chaotic sounds; pitter-patter of adorable, yet never-ceasing, little feet; things getting broken; emotional ups and downs…all in addition to the regular duties, chores, and responsibilities of a normal American household.
Sometimes laughter is needed to survive the more intense days…

The Mommy Diaries: How I’m Surviving Parenting without Killing Anyone is a snapshot into the crazy, daily parenting life of Dallas Louis, author of Girlfriends, Giggles, & God. Dallas is the mother of three kids who all arrived within twenty-six months of each other. Combining that with later home renovation projects and surviving multiple ER visits, all the while still maintaining a relationship with her husband (remember that guy?), she has lived through enough moments of her own to share with her readers her tears and fears through laughter, and often times, the act of surviving the early years by sheer, dumb luck! The Mommy Diaries will have you rolling off your couch, and thanking your lucky stars that all these babies fell to someone else!

Review by Kelsey G.

"Mommy books" were a wonderful discovery I made as a new mom, and to this day I truly enjoy reading the triumphs and heartaches of women raising their children the best way they know how. The Mommy Diaries has a generous dose of humor to offset the honesty that it reveals, namely, being a mom is hard work! It's nice to sit down and take a moment to remember that families everywhere are having the same trials and tribulations that you're having in your own household! Overall, it was a well-written memoir that had me laughing and gasping with shock in turn. I recommend for any fan of funny and family!

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