Friday, June 8, 2012

Review: Echo's Revenge by Sean Austin

About the Book:
Pages: 296
ISBN-13: 978-098372640X
Amazon Customer Review Average - 4.5

Brothers Jeremy (age 10) and Reggie (age 14) are expert gamers. After a run-in with their mother's explosive boyfriend, they run away from home, only to discover that Echo-7, a new and indestructible game predator, has developed the ability to reverse the rules of its own video game and hunt them down- in the real world. Sean Austin's investigation continues, at

Lynda's Review: FOUR STARS
Wow! What a fast paced, thrilling, and thoroughly interesting story. Author Sean Austin writes beautifully. As a reader, he had me completely convinced that just such a scenario could, or maybe is, happening as I write this review.
While this book is geared toward the YA reader, don't let that fool you into thinking that the suspense and story twists will not hook you as an adult Sci-Fi fan. This story will make you stop and think about how deeply we involve ourselves in the broad spectrum of online reality, and how unexpected dangers may threaten us in new and totally unbelievable ways. The first in a series, this book sets a high standard for the others to come. To add to your reading enjoyment, there is also a website that will keep you engaged in the mystery. 



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  2. Echo's Revenge by Sean Austin sounds like a great book-- I will definitely put this on my Sci-Fi summer reading list and maybe share it with my 11-year old!!