Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Review - THE LONG WAY HOME by Karen McQuestion

By Karen McQuestion
About The Book: 

Marnie’s sorrow over her long-time love’s sudden death is nothing compared to the shock of losing his teenage son Troy (a boy she’s raised for ten years) when he’s whisked away to Las Vegas by his absentee birth mother. Luckily, she meets three unlikely allies at a local grief group who join her on an cross-country road trip to reconnect with him. Along for the ride are fifty-something Rita, still reeling from the murder of her daughter years before; Laverne, Marnie’s reclusive, widowed landlady; and Jazzy, a beautiful young psychic. Together, these four very different women embark on the adventure of their lives--a journey toward reconciliation and healing. Heartwarming, funny, and bittersweet, The Long Way Home is a winning novel of friendship and love from best-selling author Karen McQuestion

Lynda's Review:
This book sounded intriguing from the first time I read the storyline or blurb. As with good women's fiction, I expected to feel a whole range of emotions, humor, heartbreak, and a profound wish for the successful life journey of the main characters. I wasn't disappointed.  All those aspects were present and much more. This is my first book by Karen McQuestion, and I was impressed at how well she developed her characters. Not all at once so that you felt like you've known them all your life, but slowly, one step at a time. With that style, it keeps a reader turning pages, knowing that something fresh will be revealed and explored with these characters all the way to the last page. That takes talent! I give this book three stars!


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