Sunday, July 29, 2012

Book Review - Children's - Marlow and the Monster

Marlow and the Monster
By Sharon Cramer 
About The Book:
Marlow has a Monster, and he's not very happy about it! Every night, Marlow is visited by this unwelcome guest. It pesters him terribly and often has him in trouble with his parents. At his wits' end, Marlow tries to give the Monster to little sister, Sarah. Is it Sarah who finally figures out what to do with the Monster? This is a charming tale, rendered in visually stunning detail. The book is quill pen and ink, black and white. The only splash of color is the Monster. Enjoy this walk on the wild side as you and your small ones help Marlow negotiate his Monster and learn that things are not always as they appear. Don't forget to find the mouse on every page!
Breeze's Review:
This was a very cute story that I read with my three-year-old daughter. She enjoyed the story but most importantly she was very entertained by the details in the illustration. I appreciated that the monster was in color and the rest of the illustration was in black in white, it helps children to follow along with the story. The dialog between Marlow and the Monster kept our attention and we enjoyed reading the story together. The author did a great job with the illustrations.
Lynda's Thoughts:
Is there more to a person than our first impression tells us? Do we need to look beyond the obvious when making friends, allowing ourselves to get to know a person better before dismissing them? These are lessons Marlow learns while dealing with his troublesome visitor. I appreciated the fact that fear wasn't a motivating factor, as we've come to expect in stories about monsters. Rather, it was the monster's personality and initial pesky attempts at getting Marlow's attention that moves this story forward. All together a great read and visual experience. The Kindle edition is available now and we are eagerly awaiting the release of the print edition. We give this book five stars!


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